Man storms hospital, assaults nurse for ‘sleeping on duty’


A CLEARING agent at Beitbridge Border Post allegedly stormed Beitbridge District Hospital and accused the nurses there of sleeping on duty before assaulting one of them.


This was heard by Beitbridge magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza on Tuesday when Kalisto Hove (36) appeared before him charged with assault and disorderly behavior at a public place.

He denied the charges and the magistrate remanded him out of custody to April 3 for continuation of trial.

Prosecutor Munyonga Kuvarega told the court that on the morning of February 12, the nurse, Brian Farai Nyenya (39), was on duty inside the male ward at the hospital when he heard people making noise and shouting outside.

It was said he looked out through the window and saw a group of people coming and among them was Davis Mafukidze, a security guard at the hospital, who was pushing a patient on a stretcher bed.

Nyenya started preparing the bed for the patient before taking the patient over.

Hove is alleged to have confronted him and shouted that they were sleeping on duty before punching him with a fist once on the right side of the head.

The accused person allegedly went on to roam around the hospital emergency room, accusing the hospital staff of sleeping on duty and threatening them with assault.

The enraged Hove allegedly snatched a bottle of Betadine from Nozipo Mnkandla, a nurse, and spilled the contents on her uniform.
Nyenya reported the matter to the police, leading to Hove’s arrest.


  1. Yes the nurses most probably were sleeping on duty, as they usually do. If they had been alert why was the guard pushing the patient on the stretcher? Where were the nurses? The people had most probably spent time calling the nurses from outside, that’s why they became angry, shouting and making noise

  2. Nurses are jus full of themselves… there is one nurse who ill-treated me when i was 13 in 2003 ndikamuona there is no two ways about it… ndikasamumamisa ndomukiya chete

  3. nyenya anyanya kunetsa pahospital, ndiye wekurwazve naDoctor Masuku.

    Chii chakaitika kuti arohwe, nokuti hapana munhu angabve kumba kwake achinorova vanhu.

    maNurse manyanya kurara pabasa pachipatara chepaBeitbridge.

    Makamama kana makarohwa

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