‘Malaba appointed Chief Justice’

DEPUTY Chief Justice Luke Malaba has reportedly been appointed as the new Chief Justice (CJ), taking over from Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku who retired last month.


Justice Malaba
Justice Malaba

According to sources, Justice Malaba’s swearing in was scheduled for next week.

“(Justice) Malaba has already received his letter of appointment and what is only left is his swearing in,” a close government source said.

It was not yet clear if President Robert Mugabe had appointed Justice Malaba’s replacement as DCJ.

Contacted for comment, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said he was not aware of the appointment as he was in Mutare and referred questions to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa or Information minister Chris Mushohwe, who were both not reachable.

Justice Malaba, together with Justices Rita Makarau and Paddington Garwe, were shortlisted by the Judicial Service Commission to replace Justice Chidyausiku following interviews held in December last year.

The appointment of a new CJ has had twists and turns with a University of Zimbabwe law student, Romeo Zibani, first challenging the selection process. Mugabe later introduced Constitutional Amendment Bill (No1) which gives him power to appoint a new CJ, his or her deputy and the Judge President of the High Court.

Currently Parliament is gathering views on the amendment Bill, whose passing will now become academic for the current position.


  1. The best news i have read in a long time!!

  2. Too bad for Zibani and his handlers!! What a typical waste of time and money from clueless and desperate clowns

  3. Wezhira wezhara

    The amendment was never meant for the current appointment but it is good for future appointments. Be that as it, I view Malaba as a neutral person because Makarau is G40. Malaba will serve a few years and go like Chidyausiku.

  4. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Oh! He deserves the appointment that is, if it is true that he has received the letter of appointment.He is simply,above the best,not only that but also quite professional and mature.

  5. The President has done an excellent job.This is the hallmark of true statesmanship. The President has given the nation a wonderful Independence commemoration gift. well done Gushungo.Some people must be very disappointed kwaaaaaa!

  6. This is a good move for the judiciary , he has it all and a professional in deed , all the best Malaba , looking forward for you to lead by example ,

  7. After so much hullabaloo concerning the appointment of a new chief justice its quite refreshing to hear Malaba has indeed been choosen. I think the guy is a level minded jurist and if left to his own devices without political interference can be one of the best CJ to lead the bench. Indeed this had dealt a body blow to the factional vampires who were tearing each other apart to influence the process, to the selection of their prefered choice. it doesnt stop to amaze me, who is actually sponsoring this Zibani character who is rampantly throwing spanners into the wheels. Time will tell.

  8. Good choice,Malaba is a very professional man and he should avoid to be diluted by zanuism.

  9. If Malaba was not the right incumbent for the post ,then who would have been ?
    He is so befitting of the oppointment.
    His character is bestowed with genuine -openness and levelheadedness.
    Welldone his Excellency , this has been your best in ages!

  10. Saka Makarau becomes deputy and train for future CJ.

    There must be new interviews for the Deputy CJ

    Who is Judge President by the way?

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