Knives out for Mugabe, Grace

War veterans chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa gets a hero’s welcome from fellow freedom fighters at the City Sports Centre

VETERANS of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation have declared war on President Robert Mugabe and made a clarion call for citizens to remove him from power in elections next year.


War veterans chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa gets a hero’s welcome from fellow freedom fighters at the City Sports Centre, in Harare yesterday
War veterans chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa gets a hero’s welcome from fellow freedom fighters at the City Sports Centre, in Harare yesterday

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda told an indaba of the former fighters in Harare yesterday that Mugabe’s government had failed to deliver on the promises of the liberation struggle.

“As I am looking at you, I am thinking of 2018. We would want to discuss about the war veterans’ welfare, but in a country where $15 billion can be stolen and nobody is arrested we are just wasting our time,” Matemadanda said.

“What we must do here is to have a plan of getting rid of people who steal $15 billion without being arrested. Those that failed to arrest them must also go. Hoping to get any form of welfare from such people is a complete waste [of time].The people you gave the mandate to run this country have failed.”

Matemadanda, in an impassioned address, urged Mugabe to step down and use his last days to organise and run foundations besides writing his memoirs. The war veterans’ chief accused those allegedly forcing the 93-year-old Zanu PF leader to cling onto power of misleading him for their personal gain.

“The same people have sent their own grandmothers and fathers to old people’s homes, but cannot let go a 93-year-old President, lying to him that ‘we love you’ as a decoy so that he cannot have time to write his memos and leave a legacy when he dies,” Matemadanda said.

The war veterans bemoaned high levels of corruption and once again blamed a faction of the ruling party reportedly pushing for First Lady Grace to take over from her ailing husband for the internal strife rocking Zanu PF and the country in general.

The ex-freedom fighters said they would vote for competent candidates in the next elections as opposed to supporting Zanu PF candidates.

“We have been voting people into power because they have been coming from the political parties that we were in,” Matemadanda said.

“Even when you know that the person is not the right candidate, you were forced to vote for that person because of party allegiance. We are saying that has come to an end.”

ZNLWVA chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa declared the G40 faction, reportedly fronted by Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Local Government minister and party commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, the official enemy of war veterans and the people of Zimbabwe. He said the 2018 elections should be used to send G40 “packing from government”.

“G40 represents the worst of counter revolution and reactionarism … In war you are told to know your enemy. Now the whole country knows the enemy. We delivered the vote to the people and there is no weapon as powerful as the vote.

“Now the people have got their vote, they cannot be defeated. What is needed is the clarity of knowing who is the enemy. Once we have the clarity, we can do what happened in Norton and what happened in Masvingo a few weeks ago,” Mutsvangwa said.

He blamed G40 for inconsistencies in the indigenisation policy, saying it was at the centre of the worsening economic crisis which had seen massive capital flight.

“The economy is a stinking criticism of those G40 people in Cabinet and we should not allow them to stay in power using the 2018 vote,” Mutsvangwa declared.

The indaba — which was attended by over 1 000 war veterans — also attracted Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa, Agrippa Mutambara of ZimPF and two former Zanu PF youth chairmen, Godwin Gomwe (Harare) and Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central), among others who were fired for supporting the ascendancy of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

They gave solidarity messages at the indaba which was temporarily disrupted following a power outage at the venue.

The war veterans condemned First Lady Grace for saying Zimbabwe would be led by Mugabe’s corpse. The ex-fighters said such statements had the effect of ridiculing the nation.

The war veterans also had a go at Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga, accusing him of trying to build a Mugabe dynasty.

Police maintained a heavy presence and kept a watchful eye some 400 metres away with two water cannons and armed riot personnel.

Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda were mobbed by hordes of war veterans who sang and danced as they walked into the venue.

The former War Veterans minister said he was humbled by the defiance shown by war veterans in the face of alleged intimidation by G40 elements who had “taken control of State House” and were “holding Mugabe hostage”.

Tsenengamu called on all those fired from the ruling party to fight to reclaim their positions from those who had “stolen” the party from its founders.

Without directly mentioning Mugabe by name, Tsenengamu challenged the war veterans to tell their “peer to go and rest” because he had walked his path and it had come to an end.



  2. It’s good to have the war vets on our side but I wouldn’t trust them as far as i can spit. They are an unruly bunch… But anything has to be better than what we are experiencing now !

  3. The only true hero of the struggle will forever beTsvangirai who has consistently been a thorn in the flesh of Mugabe for 17yrs. All these other guys have waited & now that they’ve seen that Mugabe is tired & finished from old age want to pretend to be the ones who chop off his head. Mugabe has been destroying us for decades, where have they been all this time?

  4. Guys I’ve just had a look at the herald & the headline on this issue is saying the exact opposite, can someone please confirm if herald editor Ceasar Zvayi is on some form of medication or what?

      • This is a true story watch video on Haru mutasa’s twitter time line…Matemadanda and Chris saying wats written here

    • Politics is and will never be a game of facts but propaganda. Therefore, do not be troubled by contrasting headlines. It is, however, unfortunate that the majority of Zimbos are now educated and know clearly to distinguish between reality and complaisance.

  5. Confusion. Some sense coming out but conflicting signals. Fight G40, fight to reclaim your position in Zanu PF, identify the enemy ah!

    What I liked is the statement urging voters to vote for competent candidates, That’s refreshing.

    These war vets (Group A) feel used by some of the war vets (Group B) within govt circles who are benefitting from a system where they contribute absolutely nothing.

    Let the cabaret continue…

    • @How Far.I thought as much. Same event but opposite reportage. The only thing in common with the the media’s headlines is that the event was a war vets event. Alarming to say the least!

  6. “Now the people have got their vote, they cannot be defeated. What is needed is the clarity of knowing who is the enemy. Once we have the clarity, we can do what happened in Norton and what happened in Masvingo a few weeks ago,” Mutsvangwa said.” let them lead by example go into the streets our Good war Vets Denounce openly the Mugabe regime. You Have the Support of the People , The People will follow Behind you.

    Do you think we do not know that your Sons and daughters were recruited into the army , the police and the CIO that are timed to be released in march next year or in january so that they cause mayhe, untold suffering to parents. if it is not true ,Lets not wait for 2018 let it be now go into the street sing liberation songs again chant pro people slogan ,Lets shut down the Country Until he leaves the throne .

    leave him Mudhara but his other followers not all are making it difficulty for all the average and poor Zimbabwean . Down With corruption ,power hungry,tyranny and miss use of right. one dirty finger soon dirtens many.

  7. guys maelections amurikutaura nezvawo i dont see them taking place. Zec will drag their feet on electoral reforms and voter registration. They wil then try to force an election using the old voters roll and old system which they know will work in their fevour just watch the space

  8. Mugabe himself is the face of G40 so he should be defeated. In Zanu PF we know our real comrades so let us support them in 2018 and dump all G40 members. They should never return to Parliament. Also dump the G40 head and his wife for Tsvangirayi. Tsvangirayi is level headed and will take us somewhere. We do not need prison degrees to lead the nation but a President like Tsvanirayi has wisdom and with real degreed people as his advisors, he can turn around the economy. I know Ngwena was my candidate but akadzvanyirigwa by non other than the “Man Himself”.

  9. Maybe we need to suspend the constitution and get our Zimbabwe on path then draw up a constitution that is beyond individuals. Right now ZEC will use constitution, Police will use constitution, courts will us the constitution, the people will us the constitution. But alas still cries will be heard!! so this constitution is faulty.

  10. This Lacoste / G40 is a decoy. It will be Mnangagwa for President and Grace for VP. We must NOT let this happen.

  11. Had the war vets heeded the warning by the Zimbabwe Liberators Platform in the early decade of this century, the country couldn’t had plunged into this economic mess.In fact,this country is simply sliding into the ranks of those few states which are in the brink of failed states.It’s high time the citizens of this country stood up and claim their sovereignty.Time is running out.

  12. where is the fun in having a good life in the expense of the people who voted for u and then suffer while u keep on taking everything living well with your children?people do not know who to trust anymore…I just think not even elections will solve our country’s situation this is just a nightmare dressed like a day dream!some of us will never see the Zimbabwe which was called ‘the basket of Africa’ history that’s all it is and will ever be!

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