How we met

Marriage is a relationship between a husband and a wife who are also spiritual beings because they are in the image of God who is a spirit

I was a receptionist then, he came through to see his sister whom I worked with. He was wearing a very brave colour for a suite. I noticed that nothing else really, I was totally single but not looking at all. Then as his sister escorted him out he flashed a dazzling smile (that I noticed) and said “take care, see you soon”. Well I still thought “Oh how nice”. The sister then said “see you, see you chiichacho!” I never thought about the day. It was in May then.

Then he came again on 19 August (that in my sense is the day we met). As much as I was at reception it was also a full time secretarial and data capturing job. I was snowed under. Still very much in the zone of single without a care. On that day he came to see his sister again. I don’t remember how he managed to ask to take me out for a drink. Believe me I wasn’t the one to just go with the flow. I guess my mind was, thankfully foggy after a hectic day, he asked to take me for a drink after work. I had to stress that he might have to wait as I had loads of work. He said he would call end of day to confirm the time.

In my logic I don’t know how I found myself feeling safe to accept an invite from a total stranger. I am the “safety sam-kinda girl” In my mind it was reasoned that we were just going out for drinks and nothing more.

However, even up to now two beautiful kids and an amazing relationship I still wonder at that glorious hand of charm.

So he came after work and took me to Wimpy Avondale (remember, talk about bygones). I have never been so at ease and comfortable talking to anyone. Not just that, but the amazing sense of security I felt with him and up to this day I cannot comprehend it with human logic. We talked forever and been talking since.

The funny thing is that, at no time on that day or in all these sixteen years has he ever proposed that I be “his girlfriend. It was just so natural and basic that this was just to be. I smile eternally to have been blessed with such a start to a beautiful thing. The other blessed thing is no one else was involved. “Sister” only found out months later that we were dating.

If the abundance of nature or destiny could be explained further this ‘us’ is it.

Raviro Mutamba


  1. Wow!!!!!This is sweet.I have been inspired hey! Its good you are happy. Thanks for sharing, tips noted lol.

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