Graphic: Mugabe at 93–health challenges

President Robert Mugabe has become a favourite of internet jokes and memes for his spirited but clearly failing attempts to resist age.

By Tinotenda Samukange,Online Reporter

He has fallen, stumbled, struggled to walk, slept at conferences and made speech gaffes. He has made more trips to Singapore than he has to areas affected by flooding.

But the 93-year-old leader is determined to defy the laws of nature deciding instead to sleep in the full glare of the public than retire and rest.

NewsDay, as a result of the debate around Mugabe’s ability – or inability– to stand for another election, looks at the health issues that can affect an average black 93 year old man. Zimbabwe is on eve of another presidential election and President Mugabe will be Zanu PF’s candidate in 2018.

As shown in the diagram below, the strain put on Mugabe could worsen his seemingly fledging health.


But, perhaps there is a method in the ‘madness’ because last month, Mugabe’s wife, Grace made a weird pronouncement that Mugabe’s corpse ‘can win’ any election.
We look at defining moments for the nonagenarian…

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  2. He must go and rest at home not to be a laughing stock.even if uya msika nerazor usika itambo inyama hayiseko

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