Disband Zanu PF terror groups

REPORTS that Zanu PF-linked Mbare-based terror group Chipangano is being revived and causing havoc ahead of elections expected next year are disconcerting particularly as scars of the 2008 election are still fresh in Zimbabweans’ mind.

Comment: NewsDay Editor

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

At a time we all thought we had seen the back of this shadowy group, infamous for the torture, maiming and murder of scores of opposition activists in past elections including being used to harm dissenting voices in Zanu PF, it has emerged someone in the ruling party thinks they can still benefit from Chipangano’s stone age tactics.

Zimbabweans continue to hope that President Robert Mugabe would want to sign out with a clean election for the first time in his near four-decade rule. It is a chance we continue to say for Mugabe to create in the minds of current citizens and posterity the picture of a leader.

But, as things stand and with the re-emergence of Chipangano, we can only expect mayhem and bloodshed at the next election, yet it should never be like that. After serving for nearly four decades, is there need for using torture bases and terror groups to retain power. One wonders whether Mugabe wants this blot on his legacy really!

Regrettably, Mugabe has become legendary for double speak, taking to the podium to talk peace when Zanu PF goons are running riot with support from the State security apparatus across the country. We still hope someone can talk sense into this once iconic leader. The mayhem that characterised the 2008 presidential run-off charade must never be allowed in a modern and democratic Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has power and the State apparatus to deal with this rogue group once and for all unless he is the leader and has benefited from its tyrannical and diabolical activities. Opposition parties continue to call for a peaceful poll and non-violence in all electoral processes, but, on the other hand, Mugabe’s Zanu PF seems to have such uncouth activities in its DNA.

We plead with the President to tell Zimbabweans what they need to do in order to enjoy the universal suffrage that so many gave their only life for.

General Josiah Tongogara and chairman Herbert Chitepo must surely be turning in their graves each election season in their beloved motherland. Is this what they fought for?

We, however, take solace in that veterans of the liberation struggle have vowed to be with the people this time around.

War veterans have over the years been used as blunt objects against the people to help keep Mugabe in power by hook or crook. It need not be like this, Mr President. This constitutionally and by nature should be your last election.

Mugabe, therefore, can make a decision to win clean or continue on his destructive path — and he is finished, no one will ever remember him for the great job he did for Zimbabwe to attain universal suffrage.

The choice is his, but we still think Chipangano and all Zanu PF-linked terror groups must be allowed to die.

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