Defiant war veterans, police on collision course

Douglas Mahiya

Defiant war veterans have rescheduled their meeting to March 23, setting themselves on a collision course with both Zanu PF and the law enforcement agents.


The veterans of the liberation struggle were last week supposed to hold their annual meeting in Harare, but police refused to clear their meeting.

The War Veterans ministry has also distanced itself from the meeting and instead come out with its own date for another indaba that is going to be addressed by President Robert Mugabe.

War veterans were accused of trying to convene a meeting that was allegedly going to endorse a coalition of opposition parties that will face Zanu PF next year.

However, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson Douglas Mahiya told NewsDay yesterday that they had rescheduled the meeting to March 23, vowing to fight for clearance of the event.

“We have notified the police as is required by the law and the police have totally not given us the nod for the meeting. This denial has left us with no option, but to take the matter to court if they continue denying us. War veterans should anticipate coming to a meeting in Harare that is possibly set for March 23,” Mahiya said.

“Although we have problems with the police and the (War Veterans) ministry, particularly the permanent secretary, Walter Tapfumaneyi, we are going ahead with preparations. Tapfumaneyi is trying to use war veterans and blindfold them ahead of next year’s elections. He is trying to treat cancer with snake oil, but as war veterans, we speak the truth and follow the correct path on the agreed route of the revolution. War veterans are the best interpreters of the revolution principles.”

Last year, police teargassed war veterans after they tried to convene a similar meeting in Harare.

Mahiya said refusing them the opportunity to meet was tantamount to denying them the freedom of expression and association that must be enjoyed by every citizen.

He said war veterans had issues with accessing medication, schools fees for their children and land, among others.

Mahiya said war veterans’ issues were not discussed at the Lancaster House conference and 37 years after independence their concerns were still being treated as peripheral.

“It is shameful to deny people who committed their lives to gain political power to meet and discuss issues pertaining to and from the liberation struggle. The liberation struggle never accommodated corruption because it is corrosive,” he said, adding they would not succumb because they had the backing of ordinary people.


  1. Mahiya stands advised that medication , fees , food ,jobs are issues for all Zimbabweans , not war vets alone. Until he understands that he will not politically succeed in his efforts.

  2. “….revolution principles” can you expound on this Mahiya. Do these include beating up villagers and other voters who prefer a different party, president and MPs other than those of Zanu PF?

    ..and which people support you Mahiya? You created many problems for us civilians by acting as if only Mugabe and Zanu PF mattered, which is why the country is in this huge pothole of never-ending problems.

  3. When the opposition was being denied the same opportunity in 2008 and 2013 in order to topple the same devil you created ,you were celebrating and blocking them! Taste your on medicine now and stop crying foul!

  4. Political obsever please tinyarevo taka dimbuka mavoko namakumbo hatina maziso nemavanga atinawo ehondo zvafanana herenewe usina kumborara panze mvura ichinaya nhasi wasununguka Mwari ngaakumborere asi uzive kuti dai ndisina kuenda kuhondo ndi ndiri mutano ndine hutano hwakanaka pasi rose Va
    Noremekedza vanenge vazvipira zvakangofanana nokuva mufundisi

  5. Zaka Jerera you are just plain stupid,if he is speaking on behalf of war vets why is he saying he has the backing of ordinary people?He is advancing the interests and needs of war vets yet he is boasting of having the support of the ordinary people.So who is for the ordinary person in the street?Selfishness can never get worse than this!

  6. Cde Nyarai Tatadzeiko you are just like your fellow dumb O Vets.War vets were given $50 000 in 1997 which was quite a lot of money by then.My own uncle actually bought a house with that money and some idiots like you preferred to buy cabbages for your livestock and i heard one stupid war vet bought a television and put it in his cattle kraal for his animals to watch.That money was more than enough to change one’s life but because of your foolishness you squandered it as if there was no tomorrow.At one time all furniture shops in Chegutu had all their stock sold out.A few enlightened ones invested the money and life was never the same again for them.Thats the reason why you are always asking for agriculture inputs handouts every season from your equally clueless government.You actually got more money than you deserved.Every month you are given a pension of $200 yet that same money is what most employed people are getting every month as salary.Go to hell war vets.

  7. It is quite dishearting to note that we have in our midst moroons like Mahiya and company who think that we should loose sleep now that Zanu Pf and Mugabe have dumped them.I wish the police could heavily descend on them if they persist on going ahead with their self-centred agenda as though they are the only people who matter in this country. For years this group was Zanu Pf’s stormtroopers forcing people to support the insupportable.Just shut up and accept your changed status of being nobodies in the scheme of things.Mave chikorobho chakapedza basa kare ana Mahiya. Tibvirei kumhepo zvedu isu.

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