Cops in trouble for assaulting kombi operator over bribe


Six police officers, who are accused of assaulting a commuter omnibus operator after he failed to pay a bribe, yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing charges of assault and malicious damage to property.


The six – Munyaradzi Bvukumbwe (23), Vivian Kapaso (25), Herbert Tsiga (25), Eriswort Gazimbi (27), Khululekhani Dale (27) and Prize Mpofu (27) – were not asked to plead when they appeared before magistrate Barbara Chimboza, who remanded them to April 11 on free bail.

Allegations are that on March 11 this year, the six officers arrested the complainant’s commuter omnibus driver and took him to the VID depot in Eastlea.

It is alleged the complainant, who is not named, followed and saw Bvukumbwe, Kapaso, Tsiga, Gazimbi, Dale and Mpofu assaulting the driver, after which he started recording the incident using his phone. However, the six officers are said to have been enraged by the complainant’s action and Bvukumbwe allegedly hit the victim’s phone with his hand and it fell and in the process its screen was damaged.

The State alleges while the complainant was picking up his mobile phone, the suspects started assaulting him using baton sticks, open hands, fists and booted feet several times all over his body.

Bvukumbwe is also being charged separately with malicious damage to property for damaging the complainant’s mobile phone.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


  1. What do you expect from vanahwindi who were trained as policemen as a rewarded for campaigning.There is nothing professional about these thug cum policemen.

  2. This is the type of police force we have in Zimbabwe. They are a force of thieves always after robbing people and trembling on people’s right. Vanonyadzisa. The big challenge we have is that we have ministers and commissioners who support such acts through silence and lack of action towards culprits and giving police powers that are not in the constitution or even in the police charter.

  3. Age group yacho speaks for itself. These are mere Border Gezi graduates recruited by Chihuri and they know nothing other than use of violence. You will not be surprised that they may be trying to create false charges against the operator and his driver.

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