Chaos rocks Mujuru camp

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) top officials were yesterday involved in a public physical brawl reportedly over policy inconsistencies, as the hardly one-month-old Joice Mujuru-led party hit turbulent times.


National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru
National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru

Mujuru’s spokesperson and incoming secretary-general Gift Nyandoro was reportedly left with a fractured leg following the fracas with party spokesperson Jealousy Mbizvo Mawarire.

Nyandoro confirmed the incident, alleging he was attacked by his colleague over a policy position misunderstanding which played out in the media.

“It is true that Mawarire attacked me. I was actually left with a dislocated leg and I am currently trying to seek medical attention in town,” he said.

But Mawarire hit back, saying it was Nyandoro who had attacked him after trolling him at a local hotel, where the NPP spokesperson was attending a workshop.

“He came to the hotel where I am having a workshop wanting to see me. I came out to see him and asked him why he attacked me in the media. He became violent and tried to attack me. That’s when I stopped him in his tracks and put him down,” Mawarire said.

Eyewitness accounts indicated when Nyandoro arrived at the hotel, he proceeded to exchange greetings with Mawarire, but the tone of the conversation quickly changed, as the two accused each other of trying to tarnish the other’s image in the media.

“They raised voices accusing each other of wanting to embarrass the other in the media. Mawarire was saying the comments made by Nyandoro were too personal and out of order, while Nyandoro was asking if Mawarire wanted to assault him,” a witness, who saw the public spectacle, said.

“Many people went to see what was happening as the two tussled and Nyandoro was overpowered. Mawarire floored him and Nyandoro then called for help, saying his leg had been fractured.”

The tiff between the two senior NPP officials was stoked by a story published by this paper yesterday in which Nyandoro dismissed Mawarire’s remarks on the Mujuru party position in the current coalition talks.

Nyandoro, who speaks on behalf of Mujuru, dismissed Mawarire’sstatement, saying it was his personal opinion and that he had jumped the gun.

However, in a strongly-worded statement, which showed all was not well in the Mujuru camp, Mawarire said Nyandoro should not have made those remarks because he had no authority to speak on behalf of the fledgling NPP.

“It should be noted that Mr Nyandoro is president Joice Mujuru’s spokesperson and his duties do not include speaking on behalf of the party,” Mawarire said.

“Although, as a senior party member Mr Nyandoro is aware of the party position on different issues, his brief as presidential spokesperson does not include speaking on behalf of the party.”

He maintained that Tsvangirai’s endorsement at the National Electoral Reform Agenda demonstration was a non-event funded by President Robert Mugabe to sidetrack Mujuru.

“NPP, as we have previously stated, is committed to working with all democratic parties, but would not be dragged into joining the Mugabe-initiated and Didymus Mutasa-broadcasted coalition leader endorsement mantra, which seeks to anoint a leader outside a proper, democratic and people-driven process,” he said.

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  1. In the last three or so sentences, who is the he who is being quoted. That pronoun should have been replaced by the name of mawarire or nyandoro so readers know who. the journalist is attributing the words to.

  2. Janana wa Bikaz

    Mawarire is just plain stupid.How on earth can the 93 year old dictator fund the endorsement of Tsvangirai his sworn enemy to be the leader of the coalition?Common sense is not common to this guy.So in your warped and stupid mind you thought mai Mujuru would be endorsed?There are things to be considered here Mawarire,mai Mujuru is leading a fractured party which does not have a any reasonable following and worse still she seem to be failing to bring her party officials together as evidenced by your fight with one of your own Jealous.At the moment your party is as direction less as the wind.Politics is a game of numbers Jedza.

  3. Mujuru woita zve mvuu, woti mumvura ne pa mumasora panze. Pako chaipo ndepapi. This brawl between your two seniors is evident kuti hauzive pawakamira. Definitely one whose path is not “clear” cannot be counted as partner in the journey forward.

  4. Mawarire is a misguided element. That is why he was dumped by his original party Zanu PF even after his successful efforts to stop crucial reforms before the 2013 elections. He is trying to repeat the same things under Mujuru.

  5. To be honest Mujuru was done with politics the moment she was fired from zanupf & was quite happy concentrating on her farming. It was Mutasa & Gumbo who misled her back & now she finds herself in a mess after the other. She should have followed her instincts to quit for good

    1. iri munzeve. Kann nesuwo takambodaro. Vane muviri muhombe asi havana Stamina mai ava.

  6. I said it Mawarire is not fit to hold any position in any party. He is too stupid to lead anything. Serious Mugabe sponsoring Tsvangirayi that’s a sick joke.

  7. In my opinion, Mujuru is a hard nut and politically incompetent. I rest my case.

  8. Journalists, please can you give readers factual background checks on these individuals whose power hunger and propensity for violence seems insatiable?

  9. Mujuru is the only person who could take some people from zanu pf, but she lose relevance very fast saka there is no formidable coalition in 2018 but bunch of losers coming together ma 0+0+0+0 .

    1. I beg to differ. The real crowd puller out of Zanu-PF is going to be the WarVets. Now that the message is clear that their leadership is not behind a 93-year-old candidacy, they will not campaign for him and his people anaGrace, Kasukuwere and so forth.

  10. Mawarire lacks wisdom. Fire him!

  11. Forget about Mujuru. She is not even competent enough to head a rural primary school yet she wants to gun for the top job in the country. I feel pity for the people who follow such dull leaders.

  12. Mawarire is the reason ZANU PF is in power today. he is the same guy who force the nation to go to elections without electoral reforms. He is trying to mislead the people again. Once beaten twice shy, you will not fool us again this time. We know you, you’re ZANU PF puppet.

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