Bhasikiti chickens out of Mwenezi

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti

OPPOSITION Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) candidate for the Mwenezi East by-election Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has withdrawn from the poll citing voter intimidation and vote-buying by Zanu PF in collusion with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).


 Kudakwashe Bhasikiti
Kudakwashe Bhasikiti

The by-election could have been the party’s first poll after its trouncing in Bikita West in January.

The party also suffered a split last month with former leader Joice Mujuru rebranding to form the National People’s Party.
Bhasikiti yesterday confirmed his withdrawal in an interview with NewsDay.

“It’s no longer a threat. Combined with the deadlock we declared against Zec (on Tuesday) as opposition political parties, we have no business participating in anything managed by the current partisan Zec,” he said.

Bhasikiti’s withdrawal comes on the back of a Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) report citing rampant vote-buying in the constituency by Zanu PF candidate Joosbi Omah.

ZPP said it was worried by the unfolding events in Mwenezi East and more concerned that with each by election conducted the same issues were being raised, but no one was taking any action to ensure that the electorate exercises its political rights in a conducive environment free of intimidation and other malpractices.

“On March 15, there was a Zanu PF rally at Masweswe Secondary School in ward 13. The rally started around 1400hrs. Zanu PF candidate Joosbi Omar distributed rice, a quantity of 1,5kg, to everyone who attended the rally regardless of political affiliation,” ZPP said.

The civil society organisation added a village head went on to address villagers hinting about the donation.

“After the donations, on March 18, the village head for village 4, a Mutsikwa, convened a meeting questioning why those who do not support the ruling party had accepted and benefited from Omar’s donations. The village head said those who do not have Zanu PF cards would not benefit from the cooking oil donations which, according to the village head, are expected on the 25th of March,” it added.

On voter intimidation, ZPP said: “Those that turned up for the intended ZimPF rally were allegedly followed to their homes by the Zanu PF district committee members and ordered to stop supporting opposition political parties.”


  1. so funny these oppositon parties. Without testing the depth of the waters you think you will perform miracles to win in 2018.

  2. Lovejoy,depth of the waters were tested already but it coward in the first place for these opposition parties to participate in such rigged system.They shld at least put much of their energy in trying to fight for reforms than swimming in mud waters.

  3. We have been used for far too long guys, It is a sheer waste of time to participate in an election in which your supporters are intimidated or beaten up while you are denied fair access to radio & tv for campains. Needless to mention CIO run elections with a fictitious voters roll that no one is allowed to see, all this amongst a long list of weird non-conformity by zanupf. Only a fool will waste time with such nonsense

  4. ZIMPF has no support all the supporters followed the founder member Mai Mujuru to NPP saka Bhasikiti just shut up wanyara kushaya kana one vote kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  5. Warwadziwa, zvakudzimba moyo, zvakunyora, tried and failed Basket. Wanga wajaira kubira uriwa usati wadzingwa kuZanu pf. Never come back go and hang. RIP. Usafa une shungu, ungazotinetsa. Chero vazukuru vako chaivo vanga vasingakuvhoteri watoita ukaregera pachiri pedyo zvaizonyadzisa. Wakarambwa nevekumba kwako chaiko. Iwe hautoendiko becoz no thru road. Zvinoita sekuti kukutuka but ichokwadi road hakuna.

  6. eish have a problem supporting these former zanu goons just wishing them the worst vaiokera tichirohwa vanhu ava. bhasikiti uyu haa azoona kurohwa kwevanhu nhasi

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