ZimPF to hold elective congress in two months

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) has announced plans to go for an elective convention in two months’ time in a move meant to curb further rifts in the embattled fledgling opposition party.


ZimPF is still smarting from a massive exodus of senior officials reacting to the move by party leader, Joice Mujuru, to fire seven senior members, including founding members, Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa.

Failure to organise an elective convention has been one of the emotive issues that caused irreconcilable differences in the newly-formed party.

“The Nec (national executive council) also resolved that the party should hold its inaugural elective convention within two months and should desist from participating in unnecessary distractions such as by-elections,” party spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, said in a statement following a Nec meeting held at Mujuru’s house on Thursday.

The party said some officials were clandestinely working against coalition talks with other opposition parties because of their strong Zanu PF links.

Mawarire said Mujuru affirmed her commitment to the envisaged coalition.

“She emphasised that coalition talks should not be hampered by considerations about positions, but should be driven by the desire to get rid of Zanu PF and free our people,” he said, adding that Mujuru was not after a positions in the coalition. Mawarire said Mujuru had the support of provinces in her decision to fire party elders, whom she described as elements determined to stall progress.

The party said it had accepted the decision by other members, who resigned, saying their positions already had been filled.

Mawarire said Farai Kuvheya replaced Luckson Kandemiri, as the interim national youth chairperson, while Gift Nyandoro took over from Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, who was head of the elections committee, and Wilbert Mubaiwa replaced Munacho Mutezo as head of finance and resource mobilisation. Chrispen Karanda, a former lecturer at Wits University in South Africa, replaced Sylvester Nguni as head of administration.


  1. Interim leaders cannot make longterm decisions about a political party’s programmes and commitments. Still, party policies cannot be decided by one person simply because they happen to be leader at a given moment. It should be the work of a consensus following a thorough discussion of affairs within the entire leadership fold. Moreover, party leaders should not view themselves as owners of their parties. They are servants who should be ready to give way to others, not to cling on even when other members point to glaring shortcoming in the leadership style exhibited. This is and has been our country’s undoing. If, indeed, there is need for a coalition of opposition forces, then it is clear that forming the parties was the real mistake in the first place. Those concerned should have just joined existing political parties, not to shout about forming a party only to clamour for a coalition the next morning.

  2. Mujuru will go nowhere with the so called elective congress,she has already done the blunder.She could have already gone to the so called congress with the party intact & allow ppl to freely choose somebody else in her place as the party president,which would go a long way in proving that she really democratic at heart & actions unlike Tsvangirai & Mugabe.If members of her party would chosen her,that would have bn ok still.They might choose Mutasa,Bhasikiti or Dongo instead of her, what would prove a strong basis of a new party of democrats on this land that has never existed before.Different from Tsvangirai & Mugabe’s examples who enxciously want to remain bosses in their parties

  3. those old grannies who were fired should just go and play with grandchildren. ZPF should just go ahead, what would Mutasa, Gumbo and his team do.

    ZPF if Mujuru, ZANU is Mugabe and MDC is Tsvangirai.

    ndo politics dzeZimbabwe. It’s all about names

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