ZimPF elders to elect substantive leader

A ZIMPF faction led by the founding elders will in May elect a substantive leader to take over from the caretaker leadership of Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, NewsDay has established.


Rugare Gumbo (left) and Didymus  Mutasa
Rugare Gumbo (left) and Didymus Mutasa

The two founding elders were recently appointed co-leaders following a nasty fallout with interim president Joice Mujuru, who is leading another faction battling to control the party.

Mujuru fired the founding elders along with five others on the basis that they had turned into Zanu PF agents and that they were against the formation of a coalition to face Zanu PF in 2018.

Although Mujuru has since replaced those that she expelled, the faction led by the elders met on Wednesday and removed from their hierarchy those that remained with Mujuru.

They said a substantive leader would be announced at an elective convention in May.

“The search for a substantive leader will be spearheaded by the founding elders and the steering committee and should be concluded with elections at the congress, which is expected to be held by end of May 2017,” read a statement released by both Gumbo and Mutasa yesterday.

“We, the founding elders, shall not be running for any elected office at the congress. Meanwhile, a committee has been put in place to drive preparations for the holding of the congress.”

Gumbo told NewsDay that provinces were expected to submit names of their preferred leaders, but they would establish a criteria and a reference point so that those selected meet the leadership qualities they want as a party.

The faction said it was getting stronger by the day and was gearing for elections, including next year’s general elections.

Gumbo added they were likely to join other opposition forces to form a formidable force against President Robert Mugabe in 2018.

The new steering committee comprises of Gumbo and Mutasa as founding elders, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, now in charge of administration, and Munacho Mutezo, as head of the finance department.

Agrippa Mutambara heads the external affairs department, while Jackie Sande is in the legal wing, Margaret Dongo (women’s wing), a Sakupwanya, Leonard Mathuthu (strategy) and one Chikerema will be in charge of information and publicity.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    ndomitsoto chaiyo iyi!!

  2. Meanwhile, the two octagarians remain the owners of the parties as the founding elders with the right to hire and fire the appointed office-bearers who dont tow the line. This is similar to AAG owned by Philip Chiyangwa. Talk of democracy.

  3. The despots have “appointed” themselves into office. We wait with bated breath as another dose of Zanu PF nostalgia unfolds.

  4. matakanana the two Gumbo and Mutasa should go for psychological testing

  5. kkkkk they want to fulfill their selfish interests. Again, its laughable to note that this briefcase ZimPF party wants to form an alliance with other opposition parties inclusive Mujuru’s splinter group. They foment splits in order to form a coalition. Kkkkk, this syndrome has also contaminated Biti et al.


  7. newsday why do you give these clowns gumbo and mutasa space in your respected tabloid? Ignore them please. You want to give them relevance?

  8. Gumbo & Mutasa should continue to shine the light of democracy,only stop the greadiness for positions as with Tsvangirai & Mujuru who copy their big brother Mugabe.Fair election shld happen in the party,leaders elected,thoz dropped at elections each time,should remain loyal to the party actually accepting the very positions of being mere party card carrying member,as their culture.Follow the example of former SA president Thambo Mmbek,who remained loyal to ANC after deposed of both state & party presidencies.Messrs Mutasa & Gumbo u will actually shine,and all who see the illuminated light of your democracy will actually come into yr fold including Mujuru & Tsvangirai,and probably Mugabe as well.With such amaizing talents of Bhasikiti &Dongo-shining examples.U will actually erode the support base of both Mugabe & Tsvangirai when people continue to see hope & light in your party,& eventually elected to zimbabwe House.Show crystal clear democracy in your party, not greed which results in the formation of splinter groups,only surrounding oneself with sycophants & bootlickers

  9. last time when you were kicked out off ZANU PF you were saying you own the Party now you own ZPF again you swines

  10. Mamwe makudo zvirokwazvo

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