TZ accuses ZimPF of stealing its colours

A ZimPF-branded T-shirt

Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) has accused former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) of “stealing” its corporate blue and white colours and using the phrase “transformation” on its campaign T-shirts.


A ZimPF-branded T-shirt
A ZimPF-branded T-shirt

This came out after ZimPF recently printed blue T-shirts branded with the phrase “transformation”, which Jacob Ngarivhume’s TZ party uses to identify itself.

“It is known that ZimPF used green, yellow and white as their colours. In fact, their colours are very close to those of their sister party, Zanu PF. Transform Zimbabwe has always used their official blue and white colours,” he said yesterday.

“Now, ZimPF has moved to the blue colour. As if that in not enough, they now use ‘transformation’, as their catchphrase. This is unacceptable! It’s clear that ZimPF is trying to take advantage of the rising TZ brand for themselves. They want to confuse the electorate and take advantage of the brand we have worked so hard to build.”

Ngarivhume described the move as mischievous, adding the country “is tired of people, who are not original and creative”.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, challenged TZ to produce patent certificates for the contested colours.

“Surely, no political party has patented a colour and made it their own. Zanu PF uses all the colours on their flag, including red, and we have never heard MDC-T complaining. What speaks is the brand, not the colour in which it’s packaged,” he said.

“We don’t want to be dragged into discussions with attention-seekers, who seek relevance by always talking of ZimPF and Mujuru. I thought transformation is an English word that denotes change, which the MDC-T has always been associated with, yet we haven’t heard them accusing other political parties of using the term or its synonyms.

“Some people just need to grow up and begin to be serious political players, not drama kings always known for complaining about the conduct of other political parties.”

United States-based opposition Zimbabwe People First leader, Maxwell Zeb Shumba, has also accused Mujuru of stealing his party name, but she has denied the charge.

Mujuru and her former lieutenants, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, are currently fighting over use of the party name and symbols.


  1. if ZANU of were to claim all the colours on their flag then what would be left for others? air am reminded of Aeneas Chigwedere when he applied to have MDC open palm salute banned for it being too universal. hahaha let’s laugh st this.

  2. Transform Zimbabwe stole the colour blue from Dynamos and the word Transform from Transformers cartoon….This accusation is shallow and baseless …

    Newsday since you started getting money to advertise bond notes your articles have been ZANU-fied

  3. Surely you cant claim to own the word ‘Transformation’.
    What about other words like ‘Democractic’ etc.
    These parties should focus on big issues and not these petty ones.

  4. People are missing the point here. It is alleged that ZimPF initially chose colours similar to that of ZANU PF on its regalia, but has suddenly changed colours angling towards the ones being used by another political player. I think that is not common decency,for if you see me selling tomatoes on the corner of a building and having healthy sales, it’s against common reasoning that you establish a stall right next to me because we will all go down. Even fishermen don’t throw fishing lines on the same spot even if someone is retrieving big fish from a particular spot, Atanga kusvika panzvimbo ndiye muridzi wepo. It is because of the above analogy that ZimPF is encouraged to desist from using the said colours out of common decency.

    • For the record and to the foolish people like you, colours and adjectives cannot be patented , and thus, ZIMPF haina kana mhosva!! Transform is not the same as Transformation!! That organization is called Transform Zimbabwe and NOT Transformation Zimbabwe – that’s their noun. The political party is called ZIMPF – and their use of the word transformation is an adjective not a noun!!
      Leave ZimPF alone!! Mazidofo evanhu!

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