Tsvangirai, Khupe draw daggers over coalition

FRESH fissures have rocked the opposition MDC-T leadership, with party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his deputy, Thokozani Khupe, giving discordant views on the proposed grand coalition to contest against President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF in next year’s elections.



With Tsvangirai having declared that a coalition deal, particularly with Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru, is as good as done, Khupe yesterday literally threw the cat among the pigeons, arguing the MDC-T may not need partners in the Matabeleland provinces.

Khupe, one of Tsvangirai’s three deputies together with Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri, in a move that seems to ring-fence her area of influence, suggested that the proposed alliance should only be confined to Mashonaland, as MDC-T structures in the Matabeleland region have consistently won against Zanu PF since the turn of the millennium.

“I am not against any coalition, but for me, the question that we must ask ourselves is why we want a coalition as a political party,” she said yesterday.

“As a political party, when you want a coalition, you would have realised a gap in your party and as the MDC, where is our gap?

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“It is clear our gap is in Mashonaland East, West and Central, where we have consistently not done very well.

“So, when looking for a coalition partner, you must look for a partner, who is going to be able to cover that gap.”

Khupe argued that any coalition pact with other parties in Matabeleland would only result in a poor showing in the next elections.

“You can’t look for a partner, who will come and disturb, where you have won consistently since 2000. Where you have gotten 100%, what will that person do? What value are they going to add? On a coalition, you must want value addition to what you already have,” she said emphatically.

“You don’t want someone, who will come and disturb what we already have. What we don’t have right now is Mashonaland and that is where we need a strong coalition partner and that is the only way we are able to remove Zanu PF.”

Khupe’s remarks, while flying in Tsvangirai’s face, seem to buttress a stark warning issued by the MDC-T president’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, on possible internal plots to derail efforts to forge a coalition, as he claimed there were others who wanted to scupper the process “for subjective motivations driven by selfish and personal interests to do with positions”.

“I can only promise one thing to the people of Zimbabwe: Never mind the sceptics — and there are many of them around — Mugabe will contest against a united opposition in 2018,” Tamborinyoka wrote for NewsDay.

“Yes, the people are speaking and we are listening. Future generations will not forgive us if we let slip this chance to consign misgovernance to the dustbins of history.”

In an interview, Tamborinyoka maintained that Tsvangirai had the sole mandate to discuss coalition issues, but pointed out that party organs and members had a right to express their opinions.

“We are a democratic party, so our members are free to express their feelings,” he said.

“But, I must say that the MDC’s executive organs have given our leader, president Tsvangirai, an exclusive mandate on issues of the coalition.

“We are not going to be dragged into discussing issues of nuances and strategy in the media. We will not negotiate in the media.”

Tsvangirai is said to have courted the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, but negotiations have seemingly stalled, as the MDC-T’s Matabeleland structures are sceptical of a reunion with their former secretary-general.

In 2007, a unity deal between the two parties failed, as the MDC-T’s Matabeleland structures once again refused to join hands with the MDC, a decision that later proved fatal, as Tsvangirai missed the Presidency by a whisker in 2008.

Tsvangirai has just concluded a 10-day consultative tour of the Matabeleland region, where he claims to have received a mandate to forge an alliance with other opposition parties and select a single candidate to challenge Mugabe in the 2018 presidential race.


  1. I once told you kuti this coalition madness will continue.Either you win the elections as a grand coalition or not we will not relinguish power because that will be betraying the revolution.remember 2008?It is our right to govern this country and you should be thanking us for allowing opposition parties,otherwise we can just declare a one party state and criminalise opposition politics!no to western interference.

    1. Khupe must test her medicine she used to impose Mps,Councillors and Senators for Bulawayo constituencies now Tsvangirai is roping Welshman Ncube who is a threat to her she is now making noise.Zekuze kwakuthola lawe.Today people of Entumbane/Makhandani,Magwegwe,Byo Central,Byo East and Mpopoma baya khala ngabantu owabafa ngenkani.To make matters worse thy are not adding any value in the constituency. viva coalition

  2. What are Mujuru and Ncube bringing to the coation? Just to reap from Tsvangson instead of from zanupf.

  3. What khupe is saying makes a lot of sense guys…you cant just bring ppeople who do not cover where you are weak. It is true that in Matebeleland Mdct doesnt want a partner..if anyone wants to partner he must just add on what the mdct already has. The mdct should be the one at the forefront in matebeleland .

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    100% khupe. in fact we don’t need the coalition at all.

  5. only zanu pf does not want a coalition.in 2018 Tsvangirai needs every single vote.

  6. for a coalition to work a sacrifice has to be made.you cannot sacrifice a good deed because you dont want to lose a few seats i n parliament.

  7. also Makhupe should remember that since 2008 a no of seats in Midlands and Matebeleland were lost to Zanu because votes were divided between mdcn and mdct.

  8. As long as we retain. the same “tried and tested” failed leader Tsvangy, we are doomed. There is no room for sentiments in politics. Khupe for president. It’s worth trying..

  9. liberty masunda

    Khupe is talking sense. Tsvangirai wants credit to go to others for his own popularity. Mujuru is not popular, she had an acid test in Bikita and she just wants to come back into the fold on Tsvangirai’s ticket. No wonder she seems to insist. Let her represent MDC-T in Mashonaland only if she wants. This woman will become a thorn in the flesh for Tsvangirai should he wins the elections.

  10. Mujuru and her people did not resign from ZANU PF, they were fired so it’s clear that they are ZANU PF. These people are vipers whom MDC T should not take for granted. If they were genuin partners they would have resigned in protest of the 2008 stolen election by ZANU PF.

  11. In an interview,Tamborinyoka maintained that only Tsvangirai has the sole mandate to discuss coalition issues”. What do you take of this? similar to:MUGABE IS THE ONLY CENTRE OF POWER IN ZANU PF. so MDC fanatics creating another DICTATOR in Tsvangirai,the way zanu pf created a very dangerous dictator in Mugabe,which they are now so very fearful to retire now.Not even a single individual in zanu pf can raise a lip to the effect that Mugabe should b retired without consequences -whichz what a dictator can do when steepened its roots in a party.something already happening in MDC T. Then why should our nation elect a dictator to office. Another problem?A dictator uses manipulative language-“I AM GOING ROUND ASKING PEOPLE WHETHER I CAN JOIN A COALITION! he-e we are democratic party.The same as Mugabe says

  12. Kubatana na Mai Mujuru zvaka fanana nekubatana ne Zanu P.F. nokuti Mujuru ne Zanu PF vanhu vamwe chete havambosiyani. Kubata vanhu maziso chete. This is a big Strategy to pull Tsvangirai down. President Tsvangirai be careful to be swallowed. Dziva rave kuoneka jecha.

  13. There seem to be a lot of sense from what Khupe is saying.

  14. Khupe is a very important person in mdc t who must b listened to,her contributions well placed,why marginalised in a democratic party.Itz true that her & Tvangirai should agree to set the platform in the party

  15. True say MaKhuphe!! Why is Mai Mujuru going around to the same places where the MDC has already been? If she where genuine she would be storming Zanu pf strongholds to bring that vote to the table. Plus the MDC has proven through by-elections that it is a force to reckon with, if Zim pf where as strong as they purport to be then they would have won that Bikita seat!! MDC can go it alone!!! Ongafuniyo kayekele

  16. What Khupe is saying makes lots of sense. MDC will lose ground in Matebeleland if they bring a coalition partner esp. people from Zim PF with recent links to Zanu Pf. This must be carefully thought.

  17. Ms Khupe is spot on.. there is no need for a coalition in Matabeleland worse of with a small fief-dom political party like mdc.. there should kindly urge them to just disband that small village gathering and work with Tvangirai…period…we need mai mujuru’s support in mashonaland areas…

  18. khuphe should have said in Bulawayo not matebeleland in some rural matebeleland MDC was even performing better than MDC T where finally Zanu pf won the seats. Talk of lowergwelo and Insiza

  19. What Hounarable khupe said is valid guys and is clear that we need support from mash east west.and a reunion with ncube is onother important issue that wil led us to the victory as the matabelaland and midlands become mdc centered and it will a no going area for the ruling corrupt zanu pf and tis will help to gain a number of seats

  20. Where does Zim PF have support and how much is that support in terms of votes? Zim PF claims they know the rigging modus operadni of Zanu PF, why didn’t they spill it out? What are they waiting for? The loss in Bikita West shows that a lot of work is required by Zim PF to raise their profile in terms of awareness and votes first, before committing to a coalition. Sadly, the chap they fielded in Bikita West was involved in violence against the MDC in previous elections – if this trend is repeated MDC T votes will actually diminish from this coalition instead of increasing. I think all Zim PF leaders need to completely renounce their Zanu PF membership and pledge to fight against violence and to ask for forgiveness from all opposition supporters. They must NOT field candidates whose image has already been tarnished before, what value does this add? They are very suspicious bedfellows, sorry for the pun, otherwise!

    @Mutoilet – Zimbabweans CHOOSE not to take arms against this “govt” unless they are pushed into the corner. They are in that corner right now.

  21. haaaaaah Coalition or no coalition ZANU PF IS GOING BACK TO ITS ROOTS

  22. Sad events, Khupe is wrong on this one. Please look at the number of seats the opposition lost to Zanu Pf. There are a lot of seats where the total votes from the opposition out number those from Zanu Pf but Zanu Pf won because of the stupidity of the opposition.

    At the next MDC-T meeting can someone please do an analysis of the number of seats lost this way. This might bring sense into the head of Khupe who seems a bit shallow because she is worried about her position only.

  23. The coalition is obviously not going to destroy what is already there. Who knows maybe some of the electrorate who used to be for MDC-T are now Zim PF. The idea now is to try and get those few voters who are now zim pf into our common basket.
    10 mdc-t + 3 zim pf =13 happy Zimbabweans. The whole issue should be approached with a positive mind. Bate reke.

  24. Concerned citizen

    This is poor journalism. where are the daggers you talking about. actually what Khupe is saying is the same as what Tsvangirai said to delegates last yr saying they will enter coalition with major parties which have been tried and tested. U juss crap Mr Editor, u trying to create discord which is not even there

  25. Its better to have coalition than these multiple opposition parties who eventually dont win. They will eventually split the votes and give ZANU PF a big mileage. Its better to form a single coalition win the election and then fight for positions after winning than to fight for something you are not holding

    ZANU PF will be happy if the coalition attempts dies

  26. Ncube is right 100%. Coalitions have always proved fatal to opposition parties. That will be direct infiltration by Mai Mujuru. Her heart belongs to ZANU PF

  27. Mutoriti uri duzvi. Where is your concience

  28. I think madam Thokozani Khupe has a point. If the coalition route has been construed as the only route to dislodge Zanu PF then each part to the coalition must bring something to the table rather than take from the same table. The MDC should be supported where they have shown strength over the others and the same goes for MDC-T, ZimPF, Mavambo, etc. I go along with the school of thought that ZimPF should be supported in what have been Zanu PF strongholds because they are coming from the same party and have a better chance of turning tables in those areas……this is where they should show their former colleagues that the decision to boot them out was a mistake. What good does it make if they are there to share with the MDCs what have traditionally become Zanu PF no-go areas?

  29. do you think coalition will work.look at the resent bikita election.zanu pf over 12000 votes, all opositions combined less than 4000.common sense,coalition will not make an significant difference.

    1. excellent analysis

  30. On this one MaKhupe is very right. What value will Welshman Ncube bring really?

  31. excellent analysis

  32. mutoriti urikupihweyi ne ZANU PF. Rubbish

  33. Hey plenty comments from CIO or ZANU pf here. or admin is deliberately deleting other comments and then throw one or two there to make it look genuine.

  34. Makhupe might be making sense but the way she is expressing herself is more centralised on protecting her position in politics. As a senior politician she was supposed to have suggested for conditions that serves the best interest of the suffering zimbabweans to make a grand coalition ready and prepared to win against Zanu pf government. For her own information this election is not about regions or what but its about the nation at large, so for her to single out matebeleland as if she runs herself the region is of little knowledge. It is time to work to together to bring an end to the suffering of the majority of the people of this nation. As a senior vice president of the MDC-T she should be advising Morgan of how to tackle this issue of the coalition matter privately than publicly stating her side thereby causing pandemonium and loss of direction in the party.

  35. Those who say Khupe is making sense should redefine what a coalition is. The coalition we need is not to cover “weak areas”. We need a coalition that will win the elections resoundingly against the current government. So munhu wese anongozviti opposition whether big or small, significant or insignificant, should be a part of the coalition. Simple!! Otherwise come 2018 everyone including MDC-T yacho munozvishaya futi!!

  36. Are these leaders really aware of what a (successful) coalition entails? Why should Khupe view it from a geographical representation as opposed to a nationwide bloc? These parties possess diverse backgrounds and viewpoints that require political expertise to make them compatible. It is sheer nonsense for a party to try to retain political domince within a coalition while practically it has failed to topple the current regime singlehandedly for 4 consecutive terms. Its time to show humility to be able to accomodate all willing partners. A seed must literally die before it germinates. How can you make it while some chest-thumbingly underrate their comrades? The primaries should be open to all for the best placed candidate to grab without leaving others shortchanged. Witch-hunting and conflict of interest within the opposition will cost them dearly unless they hire a foreign expert to guide them through.

    1. khupe is right. the mdc should consolidate what it has with what it doesnt have.otherwise matebeleland should not be disturbed.

  37. 100 ecent madam Khupe you are correct no need for coalition in Matebeleland and all cities doing so will be bringing strangers and knowing pple here will never vote for strangers especially if they are not MDC T . A coalition with Mkoni failed bcoz he had no support .

  38. Am tired of leading fools. Nw i need rest

  39. It’s rather complex. MDC. supporters like me who were persecuted by Zanoids , had homes burned down and relatives killed , will never vote for a Whatever PF candidate. These Zanu rejects must rally support for MDC to prove their sincerity. They really overate themselves with the obsolete liberation struggle tag.

  40. All opposition parties should just rally behind MOrgan Tsvangirai, tobvisa ZANU PF iyi. thats out first objective, zvinotevera tozozviona, its high time these opposition parties swallow their Pride, va Welshman Ncube kungonzi Professor, professor wei muchi splitter ma votes? Naana Biti, dzokerai kuna Tsvangirai apo tibvise Mugabe uyu, haisi nguva ye personal glory ino, mukadaro Zimbabwe yofa zvachose, tose lets rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai, we oust ZANU PF from power tozoona zvinotevera

  41. What if they lose as a united front? It will leave the entire country hopeless than ever

  42. mind u in matsouth there is no single seat fo mdct all mp are zn
    u pf

  43. Tsvangirai has no capacity to win elections,pliz chose somebody else,why repeat the same after so many failures

  44. Ah Khupe??? Mat South is in the hands of mdc t now?? How many seats? I have forgotten maybe

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