Are you still fit in your marriage?

In any sport in the world, players do all it takes to stay fit, so they can excel and meet the demands of the sport.

Relationships: Kilton Moyo

In the workplace, workers would go for this course and that meeting and read so many books and materials, so they can stay fit and remain at the top of their best and execute their duties with great aplomb.

The same happens in the military. Whether there is war or not, soldiers must stay fit. They exercise day in, and day out and do a lot of drills to stay fit.

Everyone engaged somewhere in some work or programme of some sort, they try to stay fit.

It is only people, who do nothing in life and who have no vision of life, who will not keep themselves fit and just let everything about them fall apart.

It is amazing how humanity would keep such a high level of fitness on life’s secondary things and neglect the very foundations of life.

You see, marriage is the foundation of family and family is the foundation and pillar of every society.

But if you observe well or rightly, you will notice there is so much deficiency in the levels of our fitness in marriage and family.

We are so strong and assertive in all other things out there, and so weak and naïve where it matters the most.

Maybe we need help on how to transfer our fitness zeal and passion from our sports, work, politics, careers etc. to our relationships, marriages and families.

This is exactly what we intend helping each other with.

The reason for our book Marriage Fitness is to help each other develop and sustain good fitness in our marriages and females.

People easily quit in marriage and family. People just give up on their people like that.

The same never give up on their careers, sports etc despite serious challenges there.

I have seen people excel and fight so much in politics or at work, but give up so quickly on their marriages, on their families, on their children and relatives.

To me, this is wrong priorities.

We can put up a fierce fighting spirit and attitude out there for other things, but chicken out when it comes to our marriages and families.

We have been deceived beloved. I have spoken to some people, who really do not care much about their families and asked why they are not putting up a fight to preserve the family.

Some answers disappoint me.

Things like, it is needless to fight for a woman or man because there are many men and women out there to marry.

Now this is sad. Imagine that you cannot fight for your children because they can sort themselves out.

In my language they say: “Ikhanda ililamehlo liyazibonela (the head has eyes, it will see for itself).”

This is not a parental language. This is not the language of love. I do not understand why many couples and parents are this defeated and weakened to put up a fight for the things that matter the most.

I think, as a husband, wife, mother or father, we must understand that on judgment day, God might not ask us about our political careers, ministry, anointing, business, sport etc, but will ask us about our spouses and children.

I believe strongly, therefore, that we must maintain great fitness in fighting for these and ensuring their fitness and success more than anything else.

Are you ready to fight for your family?

Are you ready to fight for your spouse or marriage?

Are you one of those who would just let go? I am aware there would be causalities like in any warfare, but please do not give up.

My big question to you today is: “How fit are you in your marriage right now?”

Talking about fitness in marriage is not talking about physical fitness as such.

There are many people, who literary live in gyms, whose marriages are destroyed.

Physical fitness, while it is good in marriage, is not enough on its on.

So what other fitness areas are we talking about? There are about five levels of fitness in marriage. These you must know and begin to engage yourself in them and work on them gradually until you are fit.

Many marriages die due to lack of fitness in these basic areas.

I, however, will not give you the areas today, but I will just challenge you to explore and pursue these, even as we will be teaching on them.

The book, Marriage Fitness will give you wide ranging tips on how to stay fit in your marriage.

In our seminars, we will then be showing you the five levels and helping you through these.

I encourage you to get the book and to attend our meetings or invite us to your meetings.

Of course, we will share the levels with our readers through this column at some point.

Look at your marriage earnestly today, is it what you really want? Are you doing the right things right?

You see, many people are doing right things wrongly and hurting their marriages. The moment you answer these two questions, honestly, you are getting into a big fitness level that will turn your marriage around.

What is the state of your marriage? You know about your business, politics, sport, club, etc. but you do not know the real state of your life, marriage and family. That is a tragedy we face today.

Marriage is like a marathon.

It requires a high level of fitness and that is why many would run but a few win or complete it.

We must keep building our fitness levels, as we run our marriage marathons, so we do not quit but finish strong. Once you enter into marriage, you must run through and complete the race.

Kilton Moyo is creator of Fruitful Marriages, a renewal and enrichment programme and is pastor, counsellor and author of Marriage Fitness. Call or whatsapp on +263 775 337 207, +263 772 610 103 or

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