Ruvheneko takes on critics

MEDIA personality and socialite, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, has dismissed claims that she was using facilities belonging to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals as a studio for her new online programme, in a suspected case of nepotism and abuse of State resources.


Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa
Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

Ruvheneko, who is the daughter of Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa, told NewsDay on Monday that she was using the University of Zimbabwe’s multimedia resource centre at the hospital as “a paying client”, although she did not disclose how much she was paying.

“I am using the studios at the multimedia resource centre, which is part of the University of Zimbabwe. Anyone can pay to use the studios at the multimedia resource centre all year round,” she said.

“I am a paying client. The studios do not fall under Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and neither do they fall under the Ministry of Health and Child Care.”

Ruvheneko said she found it disturbing that people were making up stories about her without verifying the facts.

The vivacious television and radio personality resigned from her post of programmes manager at ZiFM Stereo radio station late last year and attributed her departure to political reasons.

She, however, indicated that her departure from the institution was not the end of her career, but the beginning of better and positive prospects, as she soon embarked on her own projects.

“Leaving ZiFM Stereo is not the end of my world or my career. God cannot be done with me yet. The station itself will never be the same without the many of us who have left, but who is to say that ‘change’ does not come with ‘better!’ It is positive and wise to know when to move on and let go. Timing is everything,” she said.

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  1. Joseph’s brothers took away his colorful coat but never his blessing and destiny. Ruvheneko is destined for greatness. Go girl we are behind you all the way

    1. I agree. There is talent in this Lady. Its unfortunate that Zimbabwe does not have adequate infrastructure to fully promote such talent asi ndozvazviri. She could be our very own Oprah for all we know. Keep on keepin on Ruve.

  2. You cannot rule out nepotisim and abuse of State resources thats how the regime always operates. She most probably got her education abroad, the job at ZiFm was for sure a political ploy her big head start with State resources on her personal endearvours is not coincedence then she becomes a vivacious personality..the irony is her father is colluding with his peer education minister to impoverish all citicenry by giving them stone age education – forcing our kids to learn maths/science in vernacular!

    1. Ruvheneko is a talented and professional lady. She can’t choose her parents and the choices they make but the fact remains, you cannot take away the fact that she is one the best tv and radio personalities we have in Zimbabwe and she is going places. Just watch..

    2. What is vernacular ?

      1. shona / ndebele / chewa / tonga / nyanja / kadabura – kadabura etc

      2. A characteristic language of a particular group

  3. sinyo sinyo sinyo hunhu wakandokoshawo so!!!

  4. Yaaas mwana akambainaka mhani uyu…. eissssh those cute teeth


  6. the lady is talented she can go very far. those who hate her hamupori.

  7. natsa kwaunobva nekuti kwaunoenda husiku,

    Just thank and acknowledge that Zifm played a critical role but it was time to move on.

    what politics are you talking about?

    1. Let me draw you back to one statement she made:
      “…station itself will never be the same without the many of us who have left, but who is to say that ‘change’ does not come with ‘better!’
      Wozoda kunatsa beyond this How???
      She was simply implying that even the station may never be the same without her and those others but can actually be better. And or vice versa as well.
      She is so perfect in choosing her words and statements.

  8. But mwana aripo wena uyu. Ndange ndisiri kunyatsomu bheka.

  9. The sky is your limit gal

    The day she and others like SK and Soko left ZiFM is the day my allegiance to former Radio 1 came back.

  10. Angabvuma here kuti zvine nepotism mukati kana even Kasukuwere and chihuri vachitambavo kuti mazi mansions avakavaka haasi avo.chipiko chavanobvuma.ingawani kana gukurahundi vavakuti ndi Tsvangirai akakonzeresa.

    However we can not run away from the fact that Ruvhe is highly talented ,or else its everybody can do if given that opportunity and exposure.what I acknowledge is that she is good at her career.

    I wish her the best

  11. Above all Ruvheneko you are just one beautiful lady and if you are still single,big up to whoever is going to steal your heart.He is a lucky guy.

  12. Above all Ruvheneko you are just one beautiful lady and if you are still single,big up to whoever is going to steal your heart.He is a lucky guy.Goodluck Ruvheneko

  13. She should have been smart enough to know that the ZiFm job and working from Parerinyatwa was going to be under public scrutiny. But of course that gave her perfect start.. i challenge her to venture into other areas in the same domain – regional or even international – where her proximity to politics is of no consequence then i will say Bravo. Nevertheless i agree she is beautiful and wish her well.

  14. Her name means light in darkness. She brings wisdom and knowledge to those who may not be privileged with such. But I suspect her parents were also convinced that her beauty was glittering like the light of a star.

  15. Ruvheneko, there is no need to explain yourself. It’s neither here nor there. Silence is golden sometimes. As Zimbos, we choose to believe what we want. What’s critical for you is to avoid distractions, keep focused and make a name for yourself.

  16. hapana kunaka apo kuzora ukooo, u havent seen my wife

  17. Ruvy Ruvy we are with you all the way.The day you left that place i also resigned my listenership

  18. unondidii unopengawo iwe! mwana wakanaka uyo.saka mazino ayo kuzora futi here?

  19. Why is she called a socialite
    There could be the link between her surname and the name of the group of hospitals
    Would have been an interesting article if it was mentioned where she was educated


  21. Yoh yoh umuntu umuhle lowu. Big up.

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