Parliamentary portfolio committee urges govt to disband Lands ministry

Parliament passed the Constitution Amendment No. 1 Bill. This is despite that the amendments had been rejected during public hearings on the Bill

THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands and Agriculture has recommended the disbandment of the Lands ministry and relegate it to a department in the Agriculture ministry to cut down on costs and avoid duplication of roles.



The call was made by committee chairperson, Christopher Chitindi, while debating the 2017 budgetary allocation to the Lands ministry.

“The committee recommends that the ministry of Lands should be disbanded and placed as a department under the ministry of Agriculture and the rural component under the ministry of Local Government and this should be effected once the Land Commission is legally constituted.

“The committee noted that there is duplication of work between the Zimbabwe Land Commission and the ministry of Lands,” the committee report said.

Some of the observations by the committee were that there was a target to issue out 13 140 security of tenure documents to new farmers by 2019, but by 2016 the ministry had only processed 99-year leases for 138 A1 farmers.

The Lands ministry was allocated $7,6 million in the 2017 National Budget and the Land Commission is still to be operational, although it was allocated a budget of $200 000.

“The committee raised concerns that the Land Commission should only receive funding from Treasury after enactment of an enabling law to set it up.

Other recommendations by the committee were that, in the meantime, land redistribution must be halted until the Land Commission is well established to conduct its audits.

“The committee noted that there will be duplication of work between the Land Commission and the ministry of Lands.

There is a slow process in the issuance of 99-year leases to farmers. There is no clear mechanism regarding how the Land Development Levy should be shared between the ministry and the commission,” the committee report said.

In 2016, some of the achievements listed under the ministry of Lands were acquiring 51 205 hectares of land, fully compensating 12 farmers, producing 135 survey diagrams, reaffirmation of the 140 kilometre Zimbabwe-Botswana boundary, and producing 98 user-specific maps.


  1. I totally agree with the portfolio committee observations. This ministry should be totally disbanded. Since the year 2015 no progress has been recorded. The permits that were issued out were processed by former chief lands officers. After transfer to other ministries of these chief lands officers who were working hard no significant progress has been recorded. A banch of confused junior officers with no experience were left to run the ministry. There is total confusion now in the ministry. Offer letters are being withdrawn for no good reason. There is corruption in the ministry especially by those that move around with the minister himself. That is why the former PA to the minister together with chief land officers were victimized. The minister is now being misinformed by greedy officers. There is no Director for resettlement and yet the former director is on forced leave enjoying full benefits at home. ZIRO is his name. We hear that those chief lands officers that were transferred to other ministry are doing very well in those ministries. Keep on the good work gentlemen. Dont despair. God has plans for you. Look at it now… Lands Ministry to be disbanded

    • its indeed true Petros corruption is at head office ministry of lands. people are given money and give wrong advice to the minister to make wrong decisions. the minister is good but officers near him hmmmmmm very corrupt. Why are offer letters being withdrawn. this is utter corruption

  2. Higher and tertiary education science and technology development should be merged with primary and secondary education. Small and medium scale ministry to merge with industry and commerce as well as macro-economic planning and investment promotion. Policy co-ordination ministry to president’s office. Ict ministry to merge with information, media and broadcasting services. Min of mines with that of energy. or even join environment, water and climate to form a ministry of natural resources. Deal with the intelligence services staff and workforce in the president’s office. Reduce number of departments in each ministry and number of parastatals in the country. The list can go on and on and on.

  3. Its a million times correct. This applies also to ministry of youth where there are people officially employed but are doing nothing. This has long been raised but this government is worried only about politcal power not about the poor zimbos or the development of zim

  4. Kana vakamabatanidza ma ministries iwayo zvoreva kuti Made kana kuti Mombeshora basa rapera, vakuru havadi nevanhu vavo

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