Mliswa spills beans over ‘partisan food distribution’

NORTON legislator, Temba Mliswa (independent) yesterday exposed Zanu PF’s partisan food distribution, telling Parliament that during his tenure as the ruling party’s provincial chairman, he had received orders that government-sourced food aid was only meant to benefit ruling party supporters.


Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

Mliswa spilled the beans after Public Service deputy minister Tapiwa Matangaidze had denied allegations of partisan food distribution.

“When I was chairman of Zanu PF (Mashonaland Central), we used to be ordered to distribute food to our party members only. Is the deputy minister now telling us that the system has changed?” he asked.

“The moment I became an independent MP, I was no longer called to collect food to distribute to vulnerable people, and how does the minister then claim there is no partisan distribution of food?”

But, Matangaidze insisted opposition activists had also benefited, accusing Mliswa of having a hand in the scam when he was Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson.

“Mliswa was very irresponsible in what he was doing because government policy is very clear that we do not condone distribution of food in a partisan manner. President Robert Mugabe himself said no one must be denied food aid,” Matangaidze said.

Other MPs, including Zanu PF members, claimed their vulnerable constituencies were not accessing food aid.

Bulawayo Central MP, Dorcas Sibanda (MDC-T) demanded to know the role of the police in food distribution, while Southertom MP, Gift Chimanikire (MDC-T) claimed Centenary Central Intelligence Organisation operatives were removing names of opposition supporters from the list of vulnerable beneficiaries.

Matangaidze said the police only preserved peace in food distribution.

Mliswa was kicked out of Zanu PF as part of a brutal purge in 2014 at a time former Vice-President Joice Mujuru was also booted on allegations of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe.

The former Hurungwe West MP then bounced back into Parliament late last year after winning the Norton by-election.


  1. Ee Mr Mliswa do you have evidence to support your frivolous claims?Every Zimbo has a right to food and we are trying our best to feed the nation.there is no partisian food distribution.If it wasnt for Moregirls Fukurahadzi Tsvancry who called for sanctions every one would be wellfed.

    1. utter nonense … i tikuudze isu tiriko kuma rural area. zvataurwa na mliswa ndizvo zvirikuitika

    2. utter nonense … mira tikuudze isu tiriko kuma rural area. zvataurwa na mliswa ndizvo zvirikuitika….nyaya haisi yema sanction bodo …nyaya ndeye zanu ino moboliser vanhu through ma sabhuku kucheka ma opposition member from food lists… no need to debate

    3. Bambo imi munotaura toshi chaiyo. Do ever have a heart or ? Its only one razvichakuwana, macheso akaimba akati murango wacho hauna zuva izuva rimwe razvichakusvikira. Watch the space, the cries of people can not be wasted away for nothing.

    4. If Zanu PF can take back the farm it has “given” to a loyal member when he turns disloyal or renegade, what chance is there for a non-member of Zanu PF in the rurals to receive food? The point is the food is government food (usually aid from Western donors). If Zanu PF does not want any liability from non-members why not stop taxing them and they can do as they wish? This is not Zanu PF money/food after all. You have to be a complete idiot or a full member of Zanu PF not to see their cruel ways.

    5. @ mutoriti we shall not die but live to testify the goodness of the Lord we’ve got a better,caring and loving government in heaven coz unto us a child is born hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!
      the more they make things tough for us the more we see the glory of GOD in a better dimension. killing us hahaha to die is gain to live it is for christ. christians worry not for soon you shall see the delieverence of GOD. SING HE IS ABLE

  2. freedom is coming

    @mutoriti if t wasnt of your party’s gross human rights abuses they wldnt be any sanctions… gukurahundi 1982 – 87. 04 murambatsvina. 08 killing toutering and dispersing of opposition supporters the list is endless yakoniwa zanu yako iyo

  3. Mutoilet uri dako . masanctions ndoakaba 15 billion, masanctions ndoakati Jonathan Moyo abe 400 000 naChidhakwa, if it wasn’t for Mugabe’s incompetent government, and his selfish and corrupt cronies everyone wld be well fed

  4. Wezhira wezhara

    Mliswa is lying because I am a village head in my rural home. Every person who has a homestead and pays Council rates get food aid regardless of political affiliation. Of course when there is little food we distribute to deserving cases because there are other people who are able to fend for themselves. These are only sour grapes.

    1. So Wezhira you dont even see that you are contradicting yourself, ‘Food is distributed to every person who pays council rates’ is that not discrimination again. You mean if you cant pay council rates you cant get fed.

  5. this Mutoriti reminds me of my dog. it does everything for food, I am the Master. sometimes I feel sorry for coz when I go to Chicken Inn or Karibian bay to eat good food I have to leave it at home keeping an eye and waiting for me

  6. Muritoti is either a woman or is a gay and madly in love with Tsvangirai, he/she talks about him everyday & his/her disgust of Morgan being with other women is a sure sign of jealousy & wishing Tsvangirai loved him/her instead.

  7. The very same reason every citizen has a right to food is the reason as well every citizen has a right to rule this country!Mutoriti wen u wer bon u also heard an equal chance of being a president so was Mugabe but to my surprise u keep supporting sme1 to a point of evening giving everything to him!Kana kusvirwa namugabe nema ministers ake I think unotoda mutoriti

  8. Anyone who thinks Mliswa is not telling the truth has been away from Zimbabwe for a very very long time.

  9. Mliswa is a fool, but definately not scared to tell the truth.
    And he is telling the truth here.

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