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Mudenda’s son faces civil imprisonment over $22 000 debt


SPEAKER of Parliament Jacob Mudenda’s son, Donald McKenzie, was last week issued with summons for civil imprisonment after a local property owner, Mark Lorenco, stepped up efforts to execute judgment to recover rent arrears amounting to over $22 000.


Lorenco, who is cited as the plaintiff in case number 7544/14, is represented by a local law firm, Mapendere and Associates, and the matter has been set down for hearing in the Motion Court on February 15 this year.

Part of the summons reads: “If you (Mudenda) fail to pay the sum specified above ($22 444,73), you must appear before the Magistrate Court at Harare … to explain why you have not paid it and to show cause why an order of your imprisonment should not be made on account of your failure to pay.”

Court papers show that, Mudenda was sometime in 2015 ordered by Harare Civil Court resident magistrate, Brighton Pabwe, to pay the money together with an order evicting him from Lorenco’s business property at Number 37 McLaughlin Road, Kensington in Harare.

Lorenco had approached the court seeking an order compelling the Speaker’s son to pay rent arrears, as well as electricity and telephone bills. The property mogul also wanted the court to force Mudenda to vacate his property, which he rented for a company called Dynamic Success (Pvt) Ltd.

His lawyer, Elias Mapembere, confirmed he had sought the court’s intervention, accusing Mudenda of being evasive.

“We have since applied for civil imprisonment against Mudenda. The predicament we are facing right now is that he cannot be found. We, at one point, sent the messenger of court to attach property at a house in Bulawayo, but it later turned out the said property was a family house,” Mapendere said.

According to the court papers, sometime in March 2013, Mudenda and his company entered into a lease agreement with Lorenco for a property in Kensington, Harare.

The Speaker’s son later accrued rental arrears amounting to $10 900, for which, in spite of proper demand, he allegedly refused, neglected or failed to pay.

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