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‘Muchaneta’ opens up on ‘spiritual gift’


ALTHOUGH Kessia Magosha (pictured), — known as Muchaneta for her lead role in the television series of a similar name — comes across as a tough, no-nonsense woman spoiling for a fight with anyone that crosses her path, very few people know that in real life, she has a gift of healing.


Kessia Magosha
Kessia Magosha

Magosha yesterday opened up to NewsDay, saying the gift of healing through prayer must have started at a young age without her knowledge but began to take shape in 2008 following a dream she had at night.

“A voice told me that I had a job to do. I was told that I would pray for the sick and I was even shown people who were said to be in wrong jobs because of evil spells pronounced over their lives. I was told to rectify that,” she said.

The actor said she was also told that the barren would be healed if she prayed for them and when she started testing the waters a little at a time, she said miracles started happening.

Although she was not at liberty to disclose details about people she had assisted, she said she would not take credit because the healings were through divine power rather than her own efforts.

“These healing miracles are not mine, they are God’s and I cannot take the glory,” she said.

Magosha said she was often approached by strangers for help and whenever a sick person passed by her place, she often felt their pain.

“I cannot say to everyone come and receive healing because I wait to be instructed by the Lord. Sometimes I am driven by compassion when I look at a person’s situation,” she said.

Magosha, however, strongly emphasised that comedy, which is her professional occupation, was totally separate from her divine calling, but she was able to strike a fine balancing act between the two.

“This is not an advert. I don’t want people to start looking for me to be healed. If I am sent to a person, I will find them wherever they would be. I pray for free and do not want anything in return,” she said.

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