Mawarire granted bail

SOCIAL media activist and cleric, Evan Mawarire, arrested last week on allegations of plotting to topple the government, was granted $300 bail yesterday, but will only be able to leave the remand prison walls today due to technical issues.


SOCIAL media activist and cleric, Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign
SOCIAL media activist and cleric, Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign

By close of business yesterday, Mawarire’s lawyers, Harrison Nkomo and Jeremiah Bamu, had not yet received the High Court order for his liberty and were still to pay the bail money at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

The bail was granted by High Court judge, Justice Clement Phiri, who ruled that the State had a weak case against the cleric and that it had failed to proffer compelling reasons for his continued stay in remand prison beforetrial.

As part of his bail conditions, the court ordered him to surrender his passport, report twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, at Avondale Police Station, reside at the given address and not to interfere with State witnesses.

He is expected back in court on February 17 for routine remand.

Mawarire, of #ThisFlag campaign, was arrested on February 1 soon after landing at Harare International Airport after a six-month stay in self-imposed exile in the United States, and charged with seeking to subvert the Zanu PF government through his social media campaign.

In granting him bail, Justice Phiri said: “It is the court’s view from the heads of argument filed that indeed the State’s case appears to be weak. Section 70 and section 50 of the Constitution are clear on rights of the accused and the UN Human Rights Committee has stated that there should be no prolonged pre-trial detention.”

State counsels, Edmore Nyazamba and Tinashe Kaseba had argued Mawarire was a flight risk and had connections in the US, where his immediate family is currently domiciled.

They added Mawarire could be induced to flee from justice by the severity of the sentence, 20 years’ imprisonment, if convicted.

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  1. I think you also notice that we are a democratic state and our courts are fair.we dont interfere with the judiciary,its independent.But Mawarire should not raise his hopes too high because remember Munyaradzi Kereke.he thought he had it all but he is now in jail.just a word of advice to you Zimbos,ita zvemhuri yako chete,siyanai nezvenyika izvi,ndezvedu isusu.

    1. You are a coward Mutoriti…uri have no spine…..

    2. Loveness Manyati

      Iwewe sani ko ibvapo iwe, hauna kana underwear but you want to act like head of state wepaInternet, kushata kunga Chinga Dube,lol

  2. l told u guys before that no one can ever fool God, he knows those who deserve freedom & those who truly belong behind bars, it’s just a matter of time

  3. The magistrate who denied him bail last week must be send to prison. It was clear all along that the State’s case was weak and why didnt the magistrate see that. Incompetence just like Mugabe

    This is abuse of the judiciary system.

  4. The Patriotic Pastor was lucky that his case was not before Activist Judge Chinembiri

  5. Shut up u sutupid MUTOILET!

  6. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Waste of the country’s resources.How can the state pursue such a case.The country is proving to be living in the medieval ages.This is the only country in the SADC Region which derives joy in inflicting pain on citizens expressing their basic rights through demonstrations.

  7. Hokoyo naDonald Trump.Tongai Mawarire tione kana munezvivindi vanhu veZanu.Come 2018 elections tikuwachisei isu ve MDC.izvezvi ma inmates haana chikafu kumajere imi muchingoti Zanu ichagadzirisa.Zanu yakonewa ,haina chaichagona kana.jus leave the offices guys nezimdhara renyu rakwegura iro.

  8. Who is this idiot saying “siyai zvenyika” ? Kuti isu tinogara mudenga here ?

  9. Within their ‘colonized mindsets’, Zimbabweans may view Mawarire’s tribulations as a taste of his own medicine but I surely view it from a different perspective. His vision may suffer a judicial blow but the entire Zimbabwean citizens are indeed the real losers. Had it persisted within the confines of the constitution, the govt would have cowed into submission, fought corruption and facilitated the necessary reforms but attempts to demand them in the streets have suffered a stillbirth. Opposition leaders aspiring for top leadership have failed to back the cleric’s vision. They are just myopically fighting for coalitions whose composition remains a stalemate unaware that without a level playing ground, all their effort is an exercise in futility. After the cleric paved the way, they had the political muscle to enforce the necessary changes but squandered that chance. Mawarire may physically be imprisoned but Zimbos will remain mentally incarcerated indefinitely for discarding his vision with impunity. Zim politics my foot!

  10. Mutoriti u are just a bag of shit!Just yesterday u wer saying mawarire will rot in jail and today u are now saying your government is democratic and not connected to the courts!It was apparent from the onset that Mawarire is being wrongly accused by cowards who do not allow citizens to freely express their views and after that they claim that we are the people`s party!U lie!U are in power out of force not kuti u are the people`s choice!To hell wth u guys

  11. kingsley. we cant still waste our time worrying about mutoriti. he will keep us busy over nothing. this is like discussing your case with a mad man, that is true

  12. matoireti haana brain.anotambira mari yaMay muna November.muzvipatara musina mushonga,woti nyika yedu.ukwane iwe munoda kufadza harahwa 1 vanhu 14 million vachifa nenzara.ukwane wanzwa.

  13. we must find those 9 CIO guys who arrested Mawarire and send them to Murambinda to herd cattle, we cant afford to have so many loafers on taxpayers money with nothing better to do with their lives

  14. aya ndiwo anonzi matakanana emunhu.. iwee mutoireti uri matakanana omunhu

  15. Mutoriti@ you are a stupid indeed wati kudin tosiyana nenyika ko Zimbabwe iyi unofunga kuti ndeye zanupf here inodzi Zimbabwe kuchitaurwa vanhu vese kwete zvako zvekupenga zvauri kuita izvi tisu zim yacho idiotic fool and yr boss shit dzevanhu.

  16. Pastor E is fighting for the same things we want. Whether you are ZANU or MDC, or ZimPF etc, you want to flourish in your own country. Nothing seems to be working in Zimbabwe at the moment, everything is in ICU. I think as Zimbabweans its high time we actually do something to show we love our country. What can the government do now that they have failed to do for 36 years? For how long can we continue to watch as our country crumbles? We will have a hack of a job addressing all these issues. We cant continue to be spectators.

  17. handei tione!!!

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