Mawarire demands apology from ‘liar’ Mandiwanzira

SOCIAL media activist and cleric, Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag

Cleric, Evan Mawarire, leader of #ThisFlag campaign, has demanded an apology from Information Communication Techonology minister Supa Mandiwanzira, for accusing him of skipping bail.

Online/Staff Reporter

This follows Mandiwanzira’s claims to British ambassador, Catriona Laing, that Mawarire breached his bail conditions in July last year, when he went into self-imposed exile in the United States.

In a tweet posted on his official @PastorEvanLive account, the cleric said: “@SupaCollinsM please retract and apologise for your shameful lie to @CatrionaLaing1 that I was arrested for breaching bail conditions. You have no shame?”

That was a reference to Mandiwanzira’s claims last week to Laing that Mawarire’s arrest proved there was rule of law in Zimbabwe because “if you breach your bail conditions you will definitely get arrested”.

But, contrary to Mandiwanzira’s claims, Mawarire was not on bail when he left Zimbabwe last July.

Charges against him had been dropped. Mawarire was slapped with fresh charges of trying to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s government when he returned from exile on February 1. He is due in court on Friday.

Mandiwanzira yesterday laughed off Mawarire’s demands, saying: “I am not aware of this demand and the basis of it. So I have no comment to make on News24 reports or a pastor who is on bail.”


  1. Mawarire,I am still wondering why did you decide to come back.why cant you just stay with your paymasters in the west?What kind of a pastor are you who encourages people to be idle,who incites violence?Zimbos you suprise me,you are good at complaining but some progressive zimbos are developing.under the same leadership of His Excellency,some are building houses,some buying cars and some are opening businesses but Mawarire&co are busy complaining.get used to it,President Mugabe is going to win resoundingly in 2018&2023!He is still very much around.get used to it.

    • You are obviously benefiting from the system, so there is no need anyone should take you serious. A cabinet minister has lied in an interview that was broadcast internationally, the person directly affected by this blatant lies has complained, and you don’t see all that. All you see is Mugabe winning the next elections so Zimbabweans can continue suffering.

      Yes, Mugabe will “win” the next election as he always does even when he has lost. Even Grace has put it clear to the nation that “vaMugabe will continue to rule even from his grave”

    • What you don’t realize CIO Mutoriti, is that those who are fighting for the good of the people of Zimbabwe they are also fighting for you and your children you stupid idiot, it appears you are so daft or that you cant think straight because of being brainwashed by the system that created you. I really feel pity for you because unfortunately you cant be saved from the situation you are in.

  2. The country is bleeding, every corner you turn to in shambles. Mutoriti are you for real, look around you and be frank is this the Zimbabwewe all want. Even is Mugabe rules till death it does not deter the decay of our nation. I am no politician but the Zimbabwe we live in now is a disgrace to those who claim to be for zimbabwe.

  3. Don’t take comments from this idiot called toilet seriously. If you analyse his line of “thinking” you’ll figure out deficiency of intelligence very quickly. He thinks RGM is a god and will be there forever. Many more morons think like that…let them.

    Supa obviously sings for his supper like every other member of this devilish party of vampires called Zanu PF – which prefers to hold a birthday party on top of graves. Mindless and insane.

  4. how will a person rule from the cover up corruption.we all know that mugabe is president as a shield for those who are the real culprits.make sure if he dies you will be somewhere safe cause what goes around comes around.

  5. This journalist called Supa Mandiwanzira has really gone to the dogs. He has made lying part of his cv. He lied about Econet and no this. The guy has no shame.

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