Lobby group petitions Mugabe for mandatory HIV testing

A LOCAL Aids service organisation has petitioned President Robert Mugabe to flex his Executive powers and declare compulsory HIV testing for all citizens, as a last ditch attempt to halt the spread of the disease.

BY Phyllis Mbanje

The Citizens Aids Survival Trust (Cast) said this drastic action would initiate the process of ending death and destruction of “an entire black human race in sub-Saharan Africa and Zimbabwe in particular”.

The petition, which was signed during a Press conference last Friday, stated that the Constitution empowered Mugabe to curtail certain human liberties for the sole purpose of containing the spread of infectious, contagious and communicable diseases.

“The threat of destruction of our people is the biggest single matter of national interest. The right to safety and security from all manner of threats is enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” the organisation’s executive director, David Chiweza said.

He said Cast had, for the past 27 years, advocated for the institutionalisation of mandatory HIV testing.

In 2013, during a Sadc meeting in Malawi, Mugabe raised a storm when he openly suggested that the region should adopt forced HIV and Aids testing to curb the endemic.

“While there is need to respect rights of individuals, there is need to subject everyone to examinations because those who volunteer are not the ones who have been infected,” Mugabe said then.

Meanwhile, the organisation also petitioned the President to dissolve the entire board of the National Aids Council for failing to come up with effective mitigatory strategies against the disease.

“They are bereft of ideas and have negated their constitutional and legal duty to use the power vested upon them to apply their minds to stopping the spread of HIV,” Chiweza said.

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  1. CAST and your team ,don’t be too ambitious .The issue of curbing this disease is a process and it cannot be accomplished over night.!!To say NAC has failed at this point,is too early.Continue to work together with other relevant stakeholders for better results.Slowly the whole country will get there!!

  2. Hatidi….!!!!

  3. iwe David Chiweza, nemhuri yako endai mega… kkkkkk

  4. The Citizens Aids Survival Trust (Cast), has just shown how ignorant it is about health issues and rigts issues. It is indeed a violation of my rights if anyone, Mugabe included, makes it mandatory for HIV testing. That will be a first.
    HIV is not an infectious disease and I am quite disturbed by people and organisation slike CAST which venture into a field they apparently do not understand. People get infected by HIV (except newly born babies) by choice. No-one gets it if they do not sleep with a partner. This is a personal choice – to have or not to have HIV. Pleae do not take the last remaining liberties from us since RG Mugabe has taken the bulk of them already.

  5. What this group dreamers are advocating for will never see the light of the day.Like observer said,to be HIV positive is mostly by choice,so pursue other problems that needs urgency other just trying to make some uninformed noise.All what you want is to drive the point home that you rely on Mugabe to twist the constitution at any turn.Even if he sends his thugs to force people for hiv test he will meet resistance.We have countless problems that needs the nonagenarian’s urgent attention,like Doctors salaries,civil servants bonuses,job creation,roads rehabilitation,his immediate resignation and so on.So in your warped minds you think if people get tested they will stop sleeping around?

  6. Haiwawo trying to be relevant. Get away

  7. Address issues of poverty and suppression first

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