‘Incentivise large families to promote population growth’

MASHONALAND West Senator, Mike Byton Musaka (Zanu PF) moved a motion calling on government to incentivise couples with a minimum of eight children, as part of efforts to grow the country’s population.


Musaka said his motion, which is already on the Senate’s Order Paper, seeks to promote population growth and increase demand for consumer goods, thereby, attracting foreign investors, who believe that a huge population guarantees a ready market for their products .

Seconder of the motion, Tabeth Murwira (Mashonaland East Zanu PF), claimed that Zimbabwe’s low population was driving away potential investors.

Part of the motion reads: “Concerned with difficulties to attract investors to Zimbabwe for sustainable profitable investment due to Zimbabwe’s low population, and further concerned that most non-governmental organisations diligently promote birth control downwards instead of encouraging family planning for pro-life, that is population growth, current world trends in population are to encourage large families so as to grow the market for products.

“The government must encourage large families by giving incentives to families to have a minimum of eight children, and non-governmental organisations promoting birth control should now be requested to promote family growth.”

Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede recently stirred a hornet’s nest when he advocated for non-use of contraceptives, saying modern birth control measures were a Western conspiracy to curtail the growth of developing countries’ populations.

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  1. Jealousy Mawarire

    Very silly and irresponsible contribution from the MP.

    1. The silly and reckless thing here is this response from you Mr Mawarire

      1. The most irresponsible thing anyone can do is to encourage more births in a world already dangerously overpopulated. The earth can support under 2 billion people, there are currently 7.5 billion and rising. Please visit populationmatter.org for more information

  2. Hard to believe that with unemployment estimated at over 80% the few employed are blamed for scaring investors? Confirm the country should be at 100% unemployed to attract investors? Never had of such economics but there is always a first, I have learnt something.

  3. These people are just SOOOOO ignorant….are they not aware that overpopulation is the cause of all of the problems the world faces today????

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