Govt urged to stop holding by-elections

When elected leaders refuse to serve some citizens because they did not vote for them, they abdicate their responsibility

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has urged the government to stop holding costly by-elections and channel the money towards starving citizens or other pressing issues.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Speaking at a public meeting held in Masvingo last Friday, PDP spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said it would be prudent to suspend all by-elections and redirect the money towards reviving the country’s economy.

“Zimbabweans are busy chasing their tails like dogs by having by-elections through and through. That money should be channelled towards feeding people, repairing roads and job creation, among others, so that we can move forward as a country,” he said.

“We are busy electing people who will do nothing given that short space of time left before the general elections. The big thing is about President Robert Mugabe’s advanced age that should be tackled, which is a threat to national security, not to focus on by-elections.”

But, Gutu South legislator, Paul Chimedza (Zanu PF) said: “As Zanu PF, we are very clear on elections and by-elections. It is not the party that brings by-elections simply because it wants them, it is the Constitution. If someone dies, like in Mwenezi, or if they are arrested, as is the case in Bikita West, people cannot remain without a representative. It is not our creation, we are a law-abiding, Constitution-following party,” he said.


  1. Magaro enyu imi babami vekwaGutu kuziva mutemo chaizvo ere ?mitemo mingani yamuasati mazadzisa kubva patakaita bumbiro mutibvire apa pasuri penyupa

  2. really parliamentary vacancies should be filled in by the party which previously held that seat to save a lot of time and money.if this is what happens in case of a presidential vacancy why not do the same.only in special cases were a seat was previouslyheld by an independent should a by election take place.

  3. PDP does not want an election of any sort because it doesn’t have any supporters.

    One person wasting lots of money is Robert Mugabe. He spends millions of dollars on unnecessary trips and expensive overseas holidays. That money if saved could accomplish a lot.

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