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Fashion designer to raise Zim flag


FASHION designer, Tafadzwa Moyo is set to be the first Zimbabwean to grace the International Fashion Showcase to be held at Somerset House in London from February 17 to 21 this year.


Tafadzwa Moyo
Tafadzwa Moyo

Moyo told NewsDay yesterday that he was excited, as this was an opportunity for him to explore the potential in the international market, while showcasing the country’s talent on a global platform.

“Firstly, this is an international showcase and a lot of people from around the world will be coming out. Secondly, this is the chance to mix and mingle and create opportunity for business and introduce my brand to the world,” he said.

Moyo said during the showcase, he would participate in a designers’ support programme and he was looking forward to it, as it was a great opportunity to learn new things and get fresh insights into fashion.

“I would want tell the Zimbabwean story on an international platform and show the world that we are not easily broken, despite circumstances,” he said, adding that cultural exchange was an important aspect in the growth of the arts industry, as it provided artists with exposure and opportunity to reach out for their dreams,” he said.

“With cultural exchange, one is able to learn from both angles and helps to build an understanding of how things work around the globe. Most importantly it creates room for growth.”

Moyo, who is the brains behind the Kidd Hunta menswear clothing label, shrugged off stiff competition from six other prospective participants to land the chance to showcase his works.

He will be exhibiting in the Next Line category curated by Shonagh Marshall alongside 12 other participants from different countries as part of the group collaborations on the international fashion showcase.

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