Buffaloes player dies at training

Zifa Eastern Region Division One side Buffaloes’ star player, Simbarashe Nyauzima, collapsed and died at training on Monday.


Buffaloes assistant manager, Aaron Dzvete, confirmedthe footballer’s death to NewsDay yesterday. “They (players) were doing their routine warm-up session in the morning and when they were having a water break, Nyauzima just collapsed,” Dzvete said.

“He was rushed to the 3 Field Army Hospital, where the medical staff tried to resuscitate him, but without success.

The doctor said his pulse rate was very low and confirmed his death. His parents said they were going to take his body to Harare after the post-mortem.’’

Dzvete described Nyauzima’s death as a big loss, since he was a key member of the squad.

Former Buffaloes executive member, Ticha Zikai, described Nyauzima as a hard worker and disciplined player.

“I worked with him, he was a humble and disciplined defender. It’s a sad loss for the club. I was shocked when I heard the news,’’ he said. “The gap will never be filled, as he used to inspire his teammates when all was not well.”


  1. Very sad. These Army teams training sessions are tough. They must bear in mind that, soccer sessions are not for war.

  2. Lo siento.

  3. Very sad it exposes how as a nation we still have a long way to go interms of advancement, in countries that are serious, they do medical exams for players and some life threatening conditions are detected and treated on time, here its still guess work

  4. True. Typical of a third world country. Also, these local Army teams make their players to undergo rigorous soccer training leaving the players exceedingly tired for match days. Thats why Army teams do not do well becoz the players are left tired and suffer burnout after soccer training.

  5. always painful wen a thing lyk ths happens.R.I.P SIMBA

  6. He probably had an undetected cardiac problem…It’s got nothing to do with overtraining as some imply. these guys are young and should be able to handle any volume of training. He was just unfortunate his heart wasn’t working properly.

  7. rest in peace simba

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