Bigwigs dump ‘clueless’ Mujuru

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru’s woes continued to mount yesterday with three close allies dumping her, a day after she summarily expelled seven founding members of her party, accusing them of spying for the ruling party, Zanu PF.


ZimPF leader Joice Mujuru
ZimPF leader Joice Mujuru

Mujuru’s long-time ally Sylvester Nguni, war veteran Agrippa Mutambara and ZimPF secretariat member, Cougan Matanhire were among several party members who dumped Mujuru yesterday and threw their lot with their expelled colleagues, who insist they still belong to the opposition party.

“Zimbabwe People First, led by Joice Mujuru, has got its feet firmly lodged in sand, quicksand,” Mutambara wrote in a letter, announcing he was severing ties with the former Vice-President.

“The more it struggles, the more it sinks into it.

“As a decent human being, I have got great respect for Mujuru. But as a leader of a promising political party that aims to dislodge Zanu PF’s 37-year grip on power, I find her indecisive and clueless.

“The party is directionless and cruising on autopilot.”

Mutambara said he would announce his future political plans soon.

Mujuru’s spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro, confirmed receiving the trio’s resignation letters, as the fallout between Mujuru and the party’s founding members has all but torn ZimPF apart.

This happened as Mujuru addressed an emergency meeting in the capital, with the party’s nine provincial co-ordinators, who pledged to back her, as Midlands co-ordinator, Wilson Svova, stayed away, citing irreconcilable differences with the former Vice-President.

ZimPF provincial co-ordinators, who attended the meeting were William Zivenge (Masvingo), James Kaunye (Manicaland), Marian Chombo (Mashonaland West), Taurai Pasirayi (Mashonaland East), Cecil Mathambo (Matabeleland North), Esnath Bulayani (Bulawayo), Bekezela Fuzwayo Maduma (Matabeleland South), Munyaradzi Banda (Harare) and Godfrey Mamombe (Mashonaland Central).

Elliot Kasu also attended the meeting representing war veterans.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, insisted that Mujuru was justified to expel the seven without consulting other stakeholders.
“There were the process that triggered the decision and we are taking measures to ratify it,” he said.

“Even this national executive meeting had been triggered by the developments. People sometimes have to take drastic measures and ratify the decision later.”

On the other hand, some executives from various provinces gathered at the party offices in the capital, where they denounced Mujuru as a “daft” politician with nothing to offer in Zimbabwean politics.

Most members of ZimPF in Midlands and Mashonaland East provincial executives said they would stand by the fired seven.

On Wednesday, Mujuru addressed a Press conference at her Chisipite home in Harare, where she announced the expulsion of members of the party’s elders’ advisory council – Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Margaret Dongo, Munacho Mutezo, Cloudious Makova and youth leader, Luckson Kandemiri.

She accused them of stifling coalition talks with other opposition parties.

The group immediately struck back, saying they had instead fired Mujuru, accusing her of dictatorship and incompetence.


    • obviously zimpf is heavily infiltrated.also most of those who joined zimpf from zanu have dirty pasts and cab be easily manipulated by all this charade it is those who want to join zimpf in a coalition who should be careful otherwise they would be entering into a union with zanu pf.

    • If you divide tsvina it does not clean hutsvina. When they left zanupf with their dirty they forgot to visit the laundry.

  1. meanwhile on the other hand Mugabe is getting older & more unable to walk or talk by the day, by the time we get to 2018 he may be wearing oxygen mask, this clearly leaves Tsvangirai as the only future hope for Zim amongst the remaining presidential candidates

  2. The problem with opposition politics in Zimbabwe is that everyone wants to be leader of the party. This is unlike during the liberation struggle where all people rallied behind Robert Mugabe. The day when opposition parties realize they need to unite is the only day they will be able to unseat Mugabe. At the moment whether he is in a wheelchair or using walking stick he will win, benefiting from two things (1) the fragmented and power greedy opposition (2) the fear of the rural folk (munhu kumashure kwaSabhuku, vachivhota).

    • Not everyone rallied behind Mugabe. He tricked Sithole, took advantage of the fact that Tongogara and other Makaranga such as Hamadziripi hated Chitepo to the core, Nhari, Vashandi rebellions etc were ruthlessly dealt with.
      After Independence, came Gukurahundi….need I say more?

  3. so what is it going to be nex,those three will then form a new party? Seems like in zim,he who is fired or dissociated from a party creates his own kikiki

  4. Power hungry is taking its tall in Zim. ZimPF elders mamhanya speed yakanyanya , zvave pachena saka makadzingwa kuZanu PF. Hamudzoreke hamubatsiri nyika imi. Mutasa akapihwa basa rekuita ku Zera dzokono otofonera President pahushamwari. Varume vakuru musarase hunhu nekuda hukuru chete, nyika vanhu musavashungurudze nehuhwenyakwese hwenhu.

  5. Power hungry is taking its tall in Zim. ZimPF elders mamhanya speed yakanyanya , zvave pachena saka makadzingwa kuZanu PF. Hamudzoreke hamubatsiri nyika imi. Mutasa akapihwa basa rekuita ku Zera dzokono otofonera President pahushamwari. Varume vakuru musarase hunhu nekuda hukuru chete, nyika vanhu musavashungurudze nehuhwenyakwese hwenhu. Kurai mupfungwa nemuhunhu hwenyu mupolitics dzemunyika muno. Vatengesi muri kuvanda zuva nezuva. Hamuna nyika muhana dzenyu imi varume vanomwe munorambira pazvigaro zvamusina kuvhoterwa.

  6. Joyce, Joyce,Joyce, you are spot on, those guys you fired were nonsense. Now you are ready for a coalition. Inda dzanga dzichinetsa wabvisa. Chienda kuna save. Born again Joyce.

  7. Can these Zimpf leaders must take look into their disagreements and settle for the benefit of their followers. They must know why they came together to form this party. This is really a sad development in Zimbabwe politics. I suspect a dark hand is at play in all this.

  8. Mai Mujuru’s intention is to amalgamate PF with MDC unfortunately, there are some undesirable elements in her party who are pretending as if they love her. She is exterminating them one by one until all are gone.

  9. Mujuru a new failure like Tsvangirai & Mugabe.Democracy has nothing to do with personalities.We pick & drop at all times.Itz not the person who is important but the party & the country. Mujuru a new failure at democracy like Tsvangisoni.The so called opposition coalition is dead.No success can come fr two failed stories-Tsvangirai & Mujuru.She has now copied her friend Tsvangirai.Two failures at democracy

  10. MDC should not join hands with that women. She does not know her aims. She is hoping one day to rejoin Zanu. Mark my words, towards 2018 elections, she will join Zanu.

  11. Agrippa Mutambara raped Judith Todd and still justifies it by saying it was a lawful order! Mutasa is so tainted that even if Mai Mujuru is incompetent these are some of the elements that really tarnished the image of her party. Even those who are standing by the expelled group do not seem to be considering just how old Mutasa and Gumbo are.

  12. robert is not made of metal. and the way he is straining himself refusing to use a walking stick is a sign he will just colapse and never rise. akura mudhara uya. plus most likely those are reduced years. that guy is out of 2018 elections wether he likes it or not. Mwari haapengi. no donkey will f-vote for munangagwa. that leaves one guy. zanu is history

  13. This is the wisest thing Joice has ever had. Those pipo who she expelled are spent force and no sane person will cry for them. The coalition was not going to be possible with such irrelevant pipo. They can claim Zim of party but it will rot on shelf. Who will vote for such idiocy? Pamberi naJoice. I didn’t know she was that clever.

  14. Zvakataurwa kare kuti zvihuta izvo. Pasuwa haafaniri kumiswa basa nanabunjira vasina zvino zikanwa,ndivo zvimwe zvihuta futi zvebhora

  15. This is media politics kuMash East we are full behind Joyce as the party president , who om his senses do want to be led by these dead wood like Mutasa and Gumbo , their hands are dead , its Mash East which started the noise to remove all the former Zanu PF thieves from the top leadership . The write of the story is day dreaming , our structures are intact those few who were at the party office don’t have the constituency they were paid by the evil hand which was behind all this , to ask a simple question , who is their president and whose agenda are the pushing. Those resigning were looking forward to reappointed after our elective congress . Our president is looking to work with the youth and the young who have new ideas and a long term focus for the party , so the media must stop lying to the people Mash East is a no go area its belongs to JOYCE MUJURU , JOYCE JOYCE , is OUR CHOICE , OUR CHOICE IS JOICE . Tora Zimbabwe Tora , Ngaaende Ngaaende Maharawa aya.

  16. Noble and timely decision taken by joice. Mutasa and Rugare are spend forces and Zanu Pf rejects who only deserve kutamba nevazukuru kumusha.
    We are behind you Joice…

  17. Those seven, save for Rugare Gumbo, are fooling themselsevs thinking that people will follow them,especially DIDYMUS .They can go hell.Rugare must go back and talk to Moms.

  18. I wish to reaffirm my earlier sentiment that Zimbabwe’s opposition remains the weakest in Sub-saharan Africa. They are hardly aware of where they are coming from, where they are or where they are heading to. Their’s is unity of circumstances not conscience. How could one be praise-singing his master and campaigning for her for the Presidency yesterday only to call her clueless barely 48 hours after things go heywire? Unless the opposition reforms itself first, it will continue engaging itself in self-defeating tactics for as long as it takes. Ironically, the opposition enjoys the largest uncoerced numerical support countrywide but lacks the necessary logistical expertise to move on. How do you expect them to unite as a coalition, demand the necessary electoral reforms and manage to oust the current regime in less than 18 months? These people are their own enemies. Perennial losers indeed!

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