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Anti-poverty organisation launched


GROWING poverty and inequality in the country have forced youths in Bulawayo to form an organisation that will facilitate the mobilisation of resources for those in dire straits.


Trovoco has donated foodstuffs to children living on the streets
Trovoco has donated foodstuffs to children living on the streets

The Roots Voluntary Christian Organisation (Trovoco), was founded last year by Mthulisi Ndlovu and has a current membership of 125 youths dotted around Bulawayo drawn mainly from churches cross the country’s second largest city.

“As young people, we saw it necessary to help each other, we don’t have much, but the little we have and share goes a long way. Charity and love begins at home and we have to look out for each other as youths in Bulawayo before we start broadening our reach to other parts of the country,”

“We have started small-scale farming projects that will enable us to sustain our organisation and also help to get foodstuffs that we intend to donate time and again,” Washington Chikwariro, the organisation’s spokesperson said.

He said Trovoco has also visited children’s homes and organisations that house people living with disabilities, such as Jairos Jiri Centre, where they donated foodstuffs and clothing. They have also donated foodstuffs to homeless children on the streets.

Chikwariro said his organisation has a programme to pay school fees for struggling children.

“We have also started paying school fees for the less privileged, we have many youths, who excel in school, but fail to pay fees,” he said.

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