ZimPF drubbing: Makova resigns

NPP leader Joice Mujuru

THE just-ended Bikita West parliamentary by-election has claimed its first casualty, with the opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF)’s Masvingo provincial chairperson, Claudius Makova, stepping down after he was allegedly accused of contributing to their candidate’s humiliating defeat.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Makova is accused of brushing aside the provincial executive’s advice and railroading the Joice Mujuru-led opposition party into the by-election without adequate preparations.

ZimPF’s Kudakwashe Gopo came a distant second with 2 453 votes against Zanu PF’s Beauty Chabaya, who garnered 13 156 votes and was duly declared winner.

Makova yesterday confirmed he had stepped down, but said he would remain an ordinary card-carrying member of the party.

“It is true, I have stepped down as the Masvingo provincial chair,” he said, adding he had written to Mujuru informing her of his decision.

“If you have failed as a leader, you have to resign. It is just like (former British Prime Minister) David Cameron, who resigned over Brexit simply because he had failed to block the move. You have to give others a chance,” he said, while denying any wrongdoing.

A leaked ZimPF letter dated August 12, 2016 and addressed to Mujuru confirmed reports that the party’s provincial executive was against participating in the by-election.

In the letter, signed by then interim provincial chair, William Zivenge, the executive warned that participating in the by-election would be a “betrayal to opposition politics in Zimbabwe”, since ZimPF was part of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera).

Nera is a loose coalition of opposition parties demanding implementation of electoral reforms before they can participate in next year’s general elections.

Zivenge’s letter, which was copied to the interim head of mobilisation, interim chairpersons of national committees and the interim head of security, reads: “The interim provincial executive council members reiterated their position that they were against participating in the said by-election. It is not in the best interests of the party to participate because the party is a signatory to Nera and participating will jeopardise any future talks for a coalition with other players, as we would have given a picture that we cannot have a clear position as a party and, therefore, cannot be trusted.

“Participating in the by-election is also in a way legitimising the status quo with regards to the electoral playing field. On that note, we will be viewed as an extension of Zanu PF.

“If we go into the by-election and lose, we give our opponent, Zanu PF, massive room to manoeuvre and ridicule ZimPF as a non-entity and as if we are not a serious player. On the other hand, even if we win, it is likely to be a pyrrhic victory in the sense that it will harden Zanu PF not to undertake any electoral reforms, as it will use this as an example that the electoral playing field is even or needs further tightening.”

The ZimPF provincial executive correctly predicted a Zanu PF landslide victory.


  1. They are all going to resign.We were too hot to handle to them.Zanu PF will continue to win elections despite the setback in Norton.

    • Yes, you were going to butcher civilians and burn huts! Too hot to handle for sure but nothing for a civilised person to be proud of here. Gorillas, baboons and vampires can of course celebrate. Zanu PF is so backward it is busy transforming a modern Zimbabwe into the Greater Zimbabwe Ruins. Idiots and morons will have grand time celebrating THAT!!!

    • “too hot to handle to them” or “too hot to handle for them”? Just passing a few corrections around.

  2. Col u have just suddenly inspired me.Great. Kusiya chigaro hakusi kufa.Now I know for sure we have a new party.You have lead the way.Mungadai matanga kuwawata zvikonzeero but mataura semukuru.Zanu never won this election any way.Yatove neheadache so

  3. Heya Shoko MDC-T polled 3863 votes in 2013, after 14 years after MDC-T was formed, Kudakwashe Gopo polled 2453 votes one after ZimPF was formed so can you say ZimPF is weak. Considering that all ZANU PF rigging machinery was directed to Bikita, all the Zanu PF vice presidents went to Bikita. MDC-T was supporting Muzvimbiri and what did they get. Let us make a detailed analysis no to just jump into conclusions.

  4. i think considering all the mountains that were infront of Gopo, he did incredibly well. im stunned that he 2000+ rural folks actually had guts and courage to cast their vote in his favour considering all that was up against them. They were faced with death and defied that indeed. Im stunned really.

  5. The problem with us Zimbabweans is that we are afraid of Mugabe more than we are afraid of all other calamities put together. lets form the coalition and liberate ourselves

  6. Zanu Pf hayimbonyara you can’t even see kuti 2000+ votes it’s too much for a new party worse of kuruzevha kwamunoponda vanhu.Fu****************k you you nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  7. Terror Tactics these guys are still terrorists believe me they will butcher a few to cow 13000 voters bcoz they say see what we can do,and within a few months the murderers are lunatics and they are dumped like used condoms.the desperate youths have been turned into terror machines.Full stop where are the million jobs for the boys or is it a million murderers for 2018 ka harahwa kanombotyisei nhai ndozizi risina nyanga

  8. China yakatiparira. Team iyi yakatrainwa neChina ine utsinye husingaite. Kutambura kweruzhinji havanei nako as long as zvavo zviri kuita. Madzibaba edu akakanya. Vakaona magandanga achiitira vanhu utsinye nguva yehondo but vakafunga kuti kana tasununguka zvichachinja. Ezvino vanhu think kuti Munangagwa akapinda zvinochinja. If you want an example of the kind of president Mnangagwa will make look at Vladimir Putin. Former KGB, Mnangagwa Special Assistant to the President. Zimbabwe is doomed. Chakatongwara ndechekuti vanhu vazvarire vana vavo kunyika dziri outside Zimbabwe to give them access to the free world.

    Mnangagwa knows he is un-electable, that’s why he is not pushing to succeed Mugabe before next year’s election. This time around he is using Mugabe. Mugabe will win the election for Mnangagwa, he will take over shortly afterwards knowing the dying old man won’t be able to stop him this time around. Once he takes power, it’s another 20 years of Zanu-Pf rule.

    So people, chakangwara ndechekupa vana venyu macitizenship enyika dzakabudirira. Otherwise tinganyeperane kuti zvinhu kuZimbabwe zvichanaka. Hapana hapana hama woye.

  9. Asi vana Makova vakareurura here kuvanhu vavairova vari zvigananda zva mugabe. No coalition ne mabhinya aitirova

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