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Zanu PF targets ZCDC for Mugabe $250k birthday funding


THE Zanu PF Manicaland 21st February Movement fundraising committee has targeted newly-established diamond mining firm, Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), to bankroll President Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday bash set to be held in Matabeleland South province next month.


This was revealed at a provincial youth executive meeting in Mutare on Sunday, where ruling party youths said they were also targeting government school buses to transport at least 10 000 youths from the province to Matopos for the celebrations.

Each of the party’s 10 provinces has been tasked to raise at least $25 000 for the function, with the perennially struggling parastatals expected to fork out large sums of money towards the private event.

“Today (Sunday), we have met to discuss the birthday of our icon, President Robert Mugabe. He has contributed immensely in our struggle. We want to find ways on how we are going to fundraise. We need buses from schools, we need fuel, so let’s work hard, the fundraising committee,” Manicaland provincial youth chairman, Mubuso Chinguno said.

“There is the Zimbabwe Consolidation Diamond Company, we should write our letters as early as possible because we want to avoid a situation where they will say that we did not notify them early. In fact, we are targeting most companies around the province.”

During the meeting, Chinguno urged youths to use social media to promote party programmes.

“We don’t use social media to attack each other. Let’s put it to good use, for example, promoting party programmes. We have many programmes that need to be

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!!
    Are they still going ahead with this sham forgetting and not even borthered anout the Gukurahundi !!!
    I find it so insenseative and a great mockery.

  2. So its true that they raid parastals to fund their whining and dining?! Shall we then conclude that parastals are actually ‘cash stations’ for the ruling party…well opposistion parties here is a low hanging campaign fruit… there are millions (lives) made redundant/impoverished by this sustained milking of parastatls by the ruling party.

  3. No No No. ZCDC is a company for all Zimbabweans and can’t be cowed into ‘donating’ to some useless shindig for a useless goblin. How do you realize profits and a robust business model when you are being forced to part with your profits or give up school buses to transport illiterate villagers to this birthday bash? In civilized societies this is called theft.

  4. until when guys?conference, anual leave, now birthday. millions of dollars being squandered.all tax payers money. wake up zimbabwe men.malema said it all.that we are all cowards.

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