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Zanu PF officials accused of frustrating donors


NON-ZANU PF members in Zaka district, Masvingo province, have accused top ruling party officials in the area of meddling in community development programmes, thereby stalling construction of a local clinic by well-wishers.


The villagers accused Zanu PF officials of frustrating donors, who had offered to construct Tovani Clinic in ward 13.
Speaking during a community dialogue meeting facilitated by Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (Cotrad) last week, the villagers said the ruling party hijacked the project in 2008 and drove away donors.

“The construction of Tovani Clinic has been taken over by Zanu PF and prospective candidates are using the clinic as a campaign tool, in the process frustrating non-governmental organisations, Zaka Rural District Council and well-wishers, who are eager to assist,” Cotrad accountability team leader, Trymore Chivaka said.

He said the construction programme was approved by the rural district council in 2002, but since then, its construction was being hampered by interference from Zanu PF officials.

“Ward 13 has no proper health centre. Our only hope is Tovani Clinic initiated by Zaka RDC through the plough back of funds,” he continued.

“However, to our surprise, in the 2008 elections, Zanu PF officials and traditional leaders took over the project.
Sadly, the project has remained stagnant. Donors have distanced themselves from the project citing political interference.”

A villager, Tendai Chamisa, urged public officials to stop interfering in the project to enable its completion.

“Unnecessary deaths are occurring because of lack of adequate health facilities. People from Muhope, Zava and Zviitwa villages are travelling more than 15km to access medical attention at Musiso Hospital or Siyavareva Clinic,” she said.

Zaka Central MP, Paradzai Chakona yesterday said he could not comment on the issue, as he was attending a workshop.

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