Vendors run riot, resist evictions

RIOTS broke out in central Harare yesterday, briefly bringing business to a standstill, as vendors fought running battles with police, who were trying to push them off the streets.


This came as High Court judge, Justice David Mangota, issued an interdict stopping the blitz on vendors.

The interdict barred Harare City Council, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri from evicting vendors or destroying their stalls.

The vendors’ lawyer, Tonderai Bhatasara, said the interdict would remain in force until finalisation of the matter.
“The police and council should stop the actions, which they had already started against our client’s members, because the interdict is clear,” he said.

Council was represented by David Kanokanga, while the police and Local Government ministry were represented by an R Chandura.

Council says the blitz on vendors is part of measures to contain the spread of waterborne diseases.

Vendors have, however, vowed to resist any attempts to push them off the streets.

“Removing us from here is a death sentence, so we will die on the streets,” Titus Mashongwa, a vendor, said.
Charity Chengu, who operates close to Batanai Gardens, taunted the police, as the battlelines were drawn, saying she would flee, but return to her selling point once the dust had settled.

“Unless you become vendors and stay on the streets full-time, I will be here, I will run away, when you come and come jogging back once you leave,” she said, as she chided police officers involved in the blitz.


  1. mugabes work will now be blamed on mdc. this man is “lucky” the vendors will now be told that vote zanu as you can see what mdc does. forgetting that mugabe destroyed the economy in so much that we all became vendors which Harare city council and the rest of the council have no space for.

  2. Stembile Nyamajiwa

    Pliz vendors should go to there disgnatedselling points not infront of shops or streets bcoz we are paying rent plus licence

  3. Janana wa Bikaz

    A government that fails to provide basic needs for its people does not have business forcing people to abide by its laws.They killed the formal sector and yet they want the unemployed to just sit at home and survive.Maybe they are now a pentecostal denomination and their ”prophet” papa Bob and the Wailers is gonna pray for those that stay home to have miracle food,miracle school fees,miracle clothes and so forth

  4. nonsense, if formal shops close due to the vending idiots, yustart screaming, Mugabe closed the shops. Tibvirei apo majaira kudya zvakaora. endai munoita vending yenyu musango muchitengeserana tsvina dzenyu ikoko and leave vanoda kutenga pakachena vari vega. Idiots.

    1. 2 million promised jobs baba Zimasset at work.

  5. Don’t talk shit go fuck your mother pple are surviving on vending where do you want them to do give them where to sale they staff wher pple can buy .I think you are a ghost coz ahungati vanhu vanotengesera musango uri duzvi Cde cherambuya rakasvava to hell zimwana rasatan

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