Tsvangirai courts African leaders

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai at the weekend held marathon meetings with several African leaders attending Ghanaian President Nana Nankwa Akufo-Addo’s inauguration ceremony and pleaded with them to intervene in Zimbabwe’s worsening economic and political crisis.


MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai (back to camera) chats to new Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo soon after the latter’s inauguration in Accra on Saturday
MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai (back to camera) chats to new Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo soon after the latter’s inauguration in Accra on Saturday

Tsvangirai was among several top African politicians invited to the ceremony, where President Robert Mugabe was conspicuous by his absence.

MDC-T vice-president, Nelson Chamisa, told NewsDay yesterday that the opposition leader briefed African leaders on Zimbabwe and how the continent ought to help in shaping its democratic journey, among other issues.

“The president had a fruitful meeting and engagement in Ghana. He met a number of African leaders and raised key concerns and shared ideas for a better Zimbabwe. The most important aspect is that African leaders are prepared to work with Zimbabwe and help our country regain its status — the torchbearer for economic growth,”he said.

“Some of the issues discussed are privileged, but I can tell you that we engaged on a number of issues, particularly election management, governance and challenges bedevilling our continent,” he said.

The former prime minister, according to pictures circulating on social media platforms, met Zambian leader, Edgar Lungu and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, among others.

Chamisa said they also held a private meeting with Akufo-Addo and exchanged ideas that he said would deepen Zimbabwe’s democratic quest, as well assist them on the electoral management system.

Regionally, Tsvangirai has a long-standing cordial working relationship with Botswana leader, Ian Khama, who on a number of occasions has had run-ins with Mugabe over the latter’s perceived autocratic tendencies and rights abuses.

The MDC-T leader also enjoys warm relations with opposition parties in Kenya.

Akufo-Addo was sworn in on Saturday after winning convincingly in the country’s just-ended presidential elections in which he defeated incumbent, John Mahama Dramani. Mugabe did not attend the inauguration ceremony and it is not clear if the Zanu PF leader had been invited.

Ghana is one of Africa’s most stable democracies and has seen successive peaceful changes of government since former military ruler, Jerry Rawlings handed over power after losing elections to John Kufuor in 2001.

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  1. Well done Save. It was good of you to take youthful Nelson Chamisa, one of your vice-presidents, with you so that he also takes not of the involvement of people his age and below.

  2. Joshua Khun point of correction, tsvangirai was invited coz of Chamisa not e way around..Chamisa was the one who was invited..he has connection with pple in Addo administration..

  3. that’s excellent. where we had a problem generally it’s good to seek advise from others.mega hapana chinofamba munopedze hupenyu hwese mochingochema, sanctions nzara, corruption

  4. Jerry Rawlings did not lose an election, he had already stood down before the election. His successor in his party lost that election.

  5. He is already in trouble for plagiarism (repeating parts of Bush and Clinton’s inaugural speeches). Can we not think for ourselves, us Africans? I mean word for word, ndanyara.

  6. It was a good gesture for Tsvangirai to interact with these leaders but it is only the Zimbabweans who have the political muscle to reshape their country. This new Ghananian President was making his third consecutive bid and was cleared as the sole party candidate in 2014, two years prior to the election. All along he has been aligning his party and all possible electoral loopholes. No wonder he managed to trounce the incumbent hands down. As the automatic frontrunner, Tsvangirai should now be in the front line marshalling the opposition troops demanding for next year’s electoral reforms and strengthening the coalition. The issue of Mugabe’s opposition challenger should already have been resolved. When shall we learn from the success of others? We should also learn to understand the unspoken language. What is Zanu PF’s take on electoral reforms thus far? By and large, Zim’s change rests on our (Zimbos) take, international intervention notwithstanding. Retrack your steps.

    1. Man Kenya you are absolutely spot on. What is obvious is that the opposition is yet to realise that without electoral reforms there will never be a free and fair election. They are failing to strategize around that issue.

  7. Thank you mr Presisident .May you remain resolute Famba svika zwaita

  8. Dream on rhodie puppets…..

    1. It is the Chinese puppet Mugabe and his cronies who have decimated national resources by giving them to their masters for nothing in return. I suppose that is why they are determined to continue stealing elections.

  9. He should court local electorate. I its better to have 3 million electorates than 500 heads of states on your side

  10. There are no puppets in Zimbabwe but political fools.Tsvangirai spends time lobbying African Leaders who do not vote in Zimbabwe elections, and Mugabe spends his time defending his political position without giving people what they vote for. Mugabe is not a puppet of the Chines as some allege neither is Tsvangirai a puppet as Mugabe allege. They are just hopeless these two politicians.

  11. kufara kwevanhu here uku kuti tsvangie akaenda ku ghana?

  12. Those African leaders do not vote in Zimbabwe

  13. Willard Tramposo

    Zim should take a leaf from Ghana.

  14. Lobbying support of other African leaders on issues of democratisation is better that waging rebellion wars. It is one successful ways of engagement. It does not mean he is trying to woo the African leaders to be on Zimbabwe’s voters roll.

  15. you are spot on professor. Absolutely correct.

  16. Thank you mr president you a leader indeed

  17. Thank you mr president you a great leader indeed

  18. Those who should have been doing something but did nothing at all are useless AU and SADC They do not even have a charter that protects Refugees on the continent just only interested in thei bank accounts as is the norm

  19. Zvichaperaweee Mbwetete .Thank you for the peacifull campaigns Dziva though those who came to power by means of violence want to brand you as they are ,I salute you for standing for PEACE

  20. Thank you Save. That is the most important step for us to gain regional recognition . The dictator is raffled and they will speak a lot from plagiarism to all sorts of negatives . The fact is you were recognised by a sitting head of state and the dictor was not there. It is time up. On the ground we the foot soldiers are busy preparing the ground. Just as it was in the late 70s when the likes of Mujurus were busy preparing the ground work for the leaders to come ,,,,, will it be in this generation. We are proud of you the undisputed people’s president . They will cheat a time but the end game is near, Chikurubi will be their home.
    Let us built more from this success.

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