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I am a true ghetto girl: Eve Kawadza


JAZZ sensation, Eve Kawadza, says while many might be familiar with her music, there are a lot of attention-grabbing things about her off the stage, which the world is not aware off.


Eve Kawadza
Eve Kawadza

The 28-year-old gorgeous musician says behind all the fame, she is just a human with an ordinary day-to-day lifestyle.

“Being born and bred in Mbare, I can proudly say that I am a ghetto girl. I appreciate life in its simplest form. I do not limit myself to my celebrity or diva status. Eve is human before a celebrity,” she said.

“There are so many things that I can do perfectly, like gardening and ploughing the fields. All in all, I can say I am a true African woman.”

Kawadza says despite being in the spotlight, she will remain faithful to her culture and will not let go of her roots, as this defines her as a woman and an artiste.

“Believe me, the brand Eve will continue to grow, but that is no excuse for me to let go of my roots, never. I am very much in love with my culture and I do not think there will ever be a day that I will not proudly admit that I am a satisfied African woman,” she says.

“I do not like being a diva. I do not like putting myself under unnecessary pressure. I do not like people who speak vulgar language.”

Among the things that many do not know about Kawadza is that she is an avid follower of dancehall music, which she says the lyrics perfectly depict the things she comes across in her everyday life.

“I love dancehall music mainly because of the lyrics. They make sense to me because three-quarters of the time, they focus on matters that I witness every day. The best part is that I can actually dance to the beat. I am crazy about dancing.”

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