Take Moyo head-on, Mnangagwa urged

DISGRUNTLED war veterans, who form a huge chunk of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies, have urged the VP to dump his quiet diplomacy and engage in a bareknuckle fight against his political foes in the G40 faction to save his political career.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, told NewsDay yesterday it was high time Mnangagwa broke out of his self-imposed cocoon and hit back at the likes of politburo member Jonathan Moyo, who were dressing him down on social media platforms.

“He [Mnangagwa] says he will only speak when the President [Robert Mugabe] says speak, but I think he can’t allow this to continue. He has to censure Moyo, who is his junior in the party, to stop this abuse. Mnangagwa has to speak out and shut him up,” he said.

“Moyo is being cheered on as he attacks the revolution and it appears as if he is being sent to continue attacking Mnangagwa and nothing happens to him. If President Mugabe wants to stop this madness, surely he can because he can’t just say by word of mouth stop abusing Twitter and not take action.”

Matemadanda’s remarks came after Moyo, in a recent tweet, claimed Mnangagwa’s allies were “sabotaging government policies by working to prop up the VP” who is said to be angling to succeed Mugabe.

Matemadanda and several members of his executive, including war veterans chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, were last year booted out of Zanu PF for alleged insubordination after they publicly declared their allegiance to Mnangagwa.

Part of Moyo’s tweet, which offended the war veterans read: “Big progress would be made if officials worked, not for their successor, but for the success of the policies of President Mugabe and the government.”

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial secretary for security, Batsirai Musona, echoed similar sentiments, saying Mnangagwa should not wait for Mugabe to come to his rescue.

“We have seen the selective application of the law in Zanu PF. For some, action is taken even in the absence of evidence, while the likes of Moyo can defy Mugabe and remain untouched. It is without question that Mangagwa should break his silence and meet his accusers and enemies head-on,” he said.

Political analyst, Alexzander Rusero concurred saying Mnangagwa should also take his fight to social media to save his skin.

“Their differences are well-documented, but for us to take Moyo on Twitter and conclude that he is attacking government policies or his party bosses, is wrong. He only makes these attacks on Twitter, not in Cabinet or politburo or central committee. He does this as a free citizen, who is entitled to his opinion. So, Mnangagwa should also just open his account and fight back,” he said.

Rusero warned that Mnangagwa could suffer the same fate as ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru if he remained silent in the hope that the ruling party would censure his detractors.

But, Mnangagwa’s aides yesterday said the VP was unlikely to change his approach, as he remains unfazed by attacks from some “students of law, who do not even fully understand how government works”.

“He is currently concerned about achieving food security in this country and President Mugabe knows that he is capable of delivering. He is focused on implementing government policy and see it succeed and will not be distracted by side shows,” a close Mnangagwa aide, who declined to be named, said.

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  1. Mnangagwa will take the real fight soon. Uyu Moyo anenge mwana weumwe mudhara because haadi naye. Even if Mnangagwa fails to ascend to power, we shall strive to ensure these people are arrested by any future leader. I will personally source for money to fund a private prosecution.

  2. we are sick of the whole lot of you!! You shameless ZANU PF thieves!!! Mwari varipo, you will all rot in hell.

  3. mnangagwa for ‘food security’ … give us a break! ‘food security’ for who when there’ll be no one left after his macabre art, including all of his so-called supporters. and what a bunch of fools!

  4. Willard Tramposo

    Moyo knows who is who in the Gukurahundi. He is just waiting for anyone to retaliate and will reveal everything. Isn’t he whose father was buried alive? I read about that.
    Thats how war in Rwanda started btwn the majority Hutus and the minority Tutsis. The minority Tutsis went on to win the war. Kagame, the Tutsi, is the current Rwanda leader.
    Mnangagwa is right in keeping silent, becoz silence is golden.

  5. Dont underestimate mnangagwa at all.he is safe that way ,he knows what will happen once he opens up his mouth to fight back.who is Jonathan?

  6. Mnangagwa is on record as saying literally “The dogs can bark and bark and bark, while the elephant slowly and deliberately clears its way through the rough and tumble of the thick forest”
    There is nothing more for ED to say, mapaper musa pesedzvere zvisina basa. Papers dont spoil the VP to get into unnecesary confrontation, his stance so far has been commendable and very decent.
    I think it was Henry Kissinger who confronted by journalist of the position of the US on a particular Middle East conference had this to say “Those who talk dont know and those who know dont talk !!”

  7. Pakaipa

  8. I am not sure Mnanagagwa can even be good headman! Akawota anenge munhu Ari absent minded. Just talk of Chebundo and he will definitely sublime. Anotonga ani mu Zimbabwe?

  9. Comrades, umwe uchachema chete. Surely no Zimbabwean would expect an MP. Minister, worse still for a VP to comment his party or national issues on social media. Mnanangagwa is a nationalist, war veteran, mature and has leadership qualities and above all experience in running the party and government business, hence his silence reflects that. He is in the Mugabe type and when they strike they do the unquestionable job. Those that have been following the social media events can now tell is now a one man band activity. The others have since realised that they are being used to tarnish Mnangagwa and are seeking meetings with him to disinfect themselves from the political hogwash.

  10. Akomana musadhere Ngwena. tambai nezvimwe hama vadikanwi. Vchenjeri gunozvagwa nabgo kwete kuhoita gwokufundira. Uyu unohi Ngwena uyuka uyu. Ndiye arikutotongazve. Food security yes. for the record the programme he is championing is going to do wonders for the country. the heavens opened up in recognition and sooner than early the Vp gona be the P. semunhu mukuru in zeeeeeeee. Hameno pamwe zviroto

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