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Storm brews at Corporate 24 over salaries


CORPORATE 24 Hospital has reportedly fired a number of employees from its Bulawayo branch after they wrote to management demanding their outstanding salaries.


Corporate 24 Medical Centre
Corporate 24 Medical Centre

Workers, who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity, said the company’s chief executive officer, Mike Joka fired them for demanding their outstanding salaries.

“Instead of him addressing our concerns, he fired us after we asked about the late salaries,” one employee said.
According to a recording in possession of NewsDay, Joka is heard threatening employees with firing them because of the letter.

“… some of you, tomorrow you will see yourselves getting termination letters. I have already done my investigation and I know who is going home. We are going to chop the heads tomorrow. Because of behaviour started by one or two hot heads in here, people are going. Those who put their signatures here are going to face the consequences,” a person believed to be Joka was recorded saying.

In a letter directed to the Corporate 24 Bulawayo administrator, employees complained of their outstanding salaries, pay slips, overtime, meals, uniforms and toiletries and bemoaned lack of motivation.

“Non-payment of salaries has raised major concerns amongst the employees. Employees are unable to meet their monthly obligations to their families, that is, school fees, rentals, food, transport, health and other day to day expenses,” reads part of the letter.

“Our landlords also do not understand when we fail to pay our rentals at the end of the month, hence, we are at risk of losing accommodation. We are unable to seek medical assistance for our families, as we have not yet been registered with the Corporate 24 medical aid.”

Employees said basic day-to-day living for employees at Corporate 24 Bulawayo was becoming increasingly difficult, as marriages were crumbling and families disintegrating.

“All these delays and non-communication from management is leading to low morale amongst staff members and decreasing the company’s professionalism. Therefore, work output will be affected. We, therefore, kindly request a speedy response from management on all the above issues,” the workers said.

When reached for comment, Joka said he did not fire the workers, but they had failed probation.

However, according to the contract of employment gleaned by NewsDay, workers were supposed to be under probation for three months starting November 1, 2016 to January 31.

But workers lost their jobs on January 13 following issuance of the letter. Workers have since taken Corporate 24 to the Labour Court.

The Bulawayo medical centre branch was officially opened to the public in November last year.

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