Stop debt collectors – MDC-T tells Harare

THE opposition MDC-T’s Harare provincial leadership has directed the capital city’s local authority to engage residents and stop unleashing debt collectors on those owing it, arguing this could tarnish the image of the party.


Provincial chairperson, Eric Murayi told NewsDay in an interview yesterday that the party’s leadership held a meeting with councillors following concerns from residents.

“Harare province is, therefore, directing the mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni, to stop the action and instead institute investigations to find out why this had been allowed to happen.

“Not that the party is against people paying rates, but the way it is being done indicates a hidden agenda likely orchestrated by Zanu PF to pretend as if the ruling party has people’s needs at heart when we all know it’s politicking,” he said.

Murayi described the demolition of “illegal” houses in the capital as a case in point, adding the MDC-T “cannot fold its hands, while politicians toy with people’s emotions”.

“MDC-T Harare province cannot continue to watch while its name is continuously being soiled by a regime that has perfected the art of cheating, deceit and thievery after it failed to provide the 2,2 million jobs promised during the 2013 election campaign,” he said.

Murayi said Harare needed to adopt dialogue to find solutions to its problems with residents.

“If it is an excuse by the central government to tarnish the image of the MDC-T-led council so as to give [Local Government minister Saviour] Kasukuwere the pretext to fire the councillors and establish a commission, we are keenly following the developments and, as a party, we will not take anything lying down. Once bitten, twice shy, we will not allow it to happen again. People are suffering and there is no need to add more misery on them,” he said.


  1. Tinokutendai neku nzwisisa vana ve zimbabwe. Tirikushupika pa chokwadi. Dai zvaibvira pane kutuma vakomana kuzovhara mvura dai vaiuya tichitaura kuti tobhadhara sei zvishoma ne zvishoma vane ma forms atino filler zvimwe tingaende mberi. Uye nyaya yema stands hazviitewo here imbopihwa ne zera nokuti takungonzwa kuti vechidiki ndovakuwana ko isu takura tonogarepi? Chokwadi pafungeiwo ipapo….ndatenda

  2. zanupf killed the local authorities by slashing the levies to zero for campaigning gimmick in 2013 elections….

  3. Hazvishamise kuti debt collection company ine link kune mamwe ma councillor.

  4. Inini chirikundishamisa ndechekuti iyo kambani yakanzi neHarare City Council iende kuvanhu to collect money owed to them irikuramba kupa vanhu option yekupihwa payment plan. Unotopihwa payment plan only if you pay the administration charge directly to them. Without paying that amount to them they wont give you the option to have a payment plan. If im failing to pay the bill how can you expect me to find money to pay the Debt Collection company.? Shouldn’t i just pay the money to the city fathers so that my debt is reduced? Something is seriously wrong there

  5. Elaz

    Apa wareva shamwari. Ini ndakanzi une $890 chikwereti. Chabvepi? Zvikanzi pane muna 2013 pawanga usingapihwe bill riri correct so its added now and we need it 48hrs!!! If they couldnt bill for 4 years how do i get the money in 48hrs and is that my fault??? rates bill came to $0.00 owing then shooot!! to $890. Chitsotsi chanyanya!! tosangana kuCourt kwacho ikoko!! Manyenyeni akangonyinura mazino tichinzwai sooooo!!

    1. Knowing that you owed money, you should have asked for a bill! Rather than wait and hope you never got it!!!

  6. So we are placing politics before the health of the municipalities

  7. i didnnt get that priviledge suprisingly one week bindles ate now for two days.Supa and Econet just check my number and see.tired of being robbed in silence

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