StarFM lures ‘prophet’ into arrest for rape

A HARARE “prophet”, who was tricked by popular radio personality, Tilda Moyo into appearing on a StarFM show before he met his alleged rape victims, has appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of raping three female congregants.


StarFM presenter Tilda Moyo
StarFM presenter Tilda Moyo

The suspect, Onbert Mapfumo (39), of Southlea Park, Harare, who pleaded not guilty, was granted $100 bail by magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

Mapfumo is represented by Jonathan Madotsa and was remanded to February 2.

As part of his bail conditions, Mapfumo was ordered to report once every Friday at Machipisa Police Station, reside at his given address and not to interfere with the State witnesses.

It is the State’s case that sometime last year, Mapfumo, on various occasions, summoned three female congregants to his prayer room at house number 7937 New Canaan, Highfield, Harare.

The State alleges he took the complainants one by one into the room and prayed for them. It is alleged he assured them that he would deliver them from evil spirits.

Mapfumo is alleged to have explained to each of them that he would make a sacrificial prayer in which he was required to have sexual intercourse with them.

He allegedly further told them that the intimacy would enable him to break the chains of poverty binding each one of them.

The State alleges Mapfumo would strip each woman naked and sprinkle cooking oil on them before having sex with them without their consent.

Audrey Chogumaira appears for the State.

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  1. Irape here iyi kana kuti vakadzi vakapusa

  2. Is this really rape, come on lets be serious then any man in the world can be arrested coz am sure 1 time or another every man has promised a woman something and that doesnt come out. How many words have been said by man coz they want to have sex to a woman. maybe am wrong they is something wrong. when they were being stripped naked and still stand there,
    Come on.

    1. you are spot on. this is junk


  4. they consented. he told them he was to have sexual intercourse with them. perhaps the chains of poverty will be broken after all. sorry tildah and company check again the definition of rape. lack of consent to the sexual intercourse is fundamental. these women consented. that they are gullible is not anyone’s problem, i am not being insensitive. this is the naked truth[no pun intended] it is one thing where perhaps a woman is drugged or is not aware that what is going on is sexual intercourse. sorry folks no case here

  5. damnnn!!!! if that’s rape then all men shld be in jail

  6. there is gross abuse of the word rape by many woman these days. or maybe its the miss understanding of the word rape in its real context since its a foreign word. Mahure are abusing this word like hell. Its high time we should lobby against this heinous anomaly in the delivery of justice. People now have that proclivity of abusing this word called rape by generalising situations of sex.
    We used to hear rape cases on Virgins evidenced with blood and signs of aggravation. mhandara ne mukadzi akamborarwa are completely different in behaviour and conduct. There are situations which defines the presence of rape (chibharo) it is a violent enforcement of sex zvokuti victim inotofunga kuti maybe wants to be killed as the intention to sex is not communicated. Now we have got situations where mahure manipulate the rigidity of this protective law. most mahure meaning harlots, get into situations of luring men and do it as if they are ignorant of what they want and on suspecting that its now known thats when they pretend to say they have been raped. These evils just report kana zvazikanwa, the day its known to be public that’s the day they report as to when they want without a reasonable sign of affliction, where the person reports of a sextual violence after reapeting incidents saying on such and such a date i was raped. is this the nature of a genuinely aggrieved person. Mahure mahure. there is a need to dislodge this evil because that’s affecting the other innocent woman who are genuine victims of this heinous act of rape not these other sexual appetizers. Judges must be able to read between the lines. Don’t be just be too general. Evil criminals do take advantage. It doesn’t take an hour for one to make a report to the police or other people if genuinely abused. Can a clean person see a snake into his or her blanket and say he or she will deal with it tomorrow or sometime.? or having been bite by snake and then say i will see the doctor tomorrow? if its no to delay, then get to know some woman are playing with the law and it wana take no long to come around as its going around. We want pure justice and not abuse of justice for buying votes from criminals Reinhardt Zvavashe.0777289170

    1. Definition of Rape. The crime of rape generally refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by physical force, threat of injury, or other duress. Common law defined rape as unlawful intercourse by a man against a woman who is not his wife by force or threat and against her will.

      With all respect Zvavashe….any woman, either virgin or not, any man, also either virgin or not and at any age can be raped. It does not have to be “violent” as you are suggesting for it to be defined as rape.

  7. Tilder did the wrong thing! She should have informed him about the program and his rights regarding his freedom to silence as law enforcement agents do. Second, the law prohibits recording another party without his/her consent. That recording is illegal and not admissible at law. Furthermore, any evidence gleaned from phone calls is inadmissible. The woman was just stupid. Hope the guy did not send his wife into this whole game so they could claim $10 000 and be rich. Imiwo mafalse prophets this satanic behaviour should stop forthwith

  8. Thats rspe. Why fooling one to have sex with her. Ndanzwa kut vakawanda vanodero asi zvichiperera ipapo
    Havana kubatwa chete.

  9. This, at face value, is not rape. These women consented to sex believing they would get something in return which in this case is deliverance. Just because they did not get what they expected does not mean they did not consent. Had they actually received the deliverance they were seeking were they going to say he raped them or they were going to praise his ‘power’? It’s like a prostitute who consents to sex then cries rape when she has not been paid. Is that really rape? If so, then it means every woman who had sex with a man hoping to be loved and did not get love in return was raped and every woman who had sex hoping to get one thing or other from a man and didn’t get it has also been raped. Did he use force? Did he threaten them if they refused? Did he stop them from running away? Were they scared that if they refused he would harm them directly or indirectly? Did they try to resist this verbally or otherwise? Unless these questions are answered affirmatively, i would say this is not rape. Let us not abuse court process guys!

  10. If you have listened well. ”unotenda here mandiri” iye akat hongu. Vakawirirana hapana rape apa.

  11. i want to know details although i dont know or associate with that church but i used to go and pray in that room and was there at the begining

  12. He just deceived them and not raped them, period.

  13. This bias of our law in favour of women shud stop forthwith. The false prophet may have done unacceptable acts morally but there is no criminal case here. The women had consensual sex with him and on discovering they were played they go on to make false rape reports taking advantage of this biased law. They are the ones who shud be arrested on false reports and worse they ll live with this for the rest of their lives. How stupid and foolish some women are. Now since its a public issue someone marriage has cum to an absruct end. Shame on u women.

  14. guys let’s not fool each other manzwa being a leader means a lot plus kuita mubati webasa ramwari chinhu chisinga tambwi nacho,ko dai ari mukadzi wako waizotii?kushandisa bhaibheri pasiripo ummmmmm ndaramba ko y asina kumuudza fair fair kuti Inini ndoda kumboti……..newe????????????

  15. I am seeing a lot of people here commenting that the women “consented” to have sexual intercourse with this pastor. Please guys before commenting, can we at least try to read the story completely.

    Take note of the second from last statement……”The State alleges Mapfumo would strip each woman naked and sprinkle cooking oil on them before having sex with them without their consent”

    The women did NOT consent to this act. Based on soo many definitions, just by these words, “without their consent”, he did rape them.
    Definition of Rape. The crime of rape generally refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by physical force, threat of injury, or other duress. Common law defined rape as unlawful intercourse by a man against a woman who is not his wife by force or threat and against her will.

    People are “abusing” the word rape, yes, but please do not ignore all the ones who cry when they are, listen before you judge them!

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