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Shamu back with ‘Cremora’ praise singing


Reformed former Zanu PF commissar, Webster Shamu, who was recently readmitted into the ruling party’s central committee, last week shocked mourners at the late national hero Peter Chanetsa’s funeral in Chinhoyi, when he waxed lyrical about President Robert Mugabe, describing him as “Cremora”, a powdered milk brand.


Webster Shamu
Webster Shamu

The Chegutu East legislator has in the past made similar remarks which, however, attracted ridicule from the public, which derisively nicknamed him Cremora.

Addressing mourners at Chanetsa’s funeral wake at Cooksey Hall in Chinhoyi on Friday, Shamu took the opportunity to grovel at Mugabe.

“President Mugabe is Cremora Yes, Bona’s son is Cremora,” he said, amid thunderous applause.

Shamu said the soon-to-be 93-year-old Zanu PF strongman was God-sent, before taking a swipe at those angling to succeed the veteran ruler through unconstitutional means.

“Today, you refuse to acknowledge his (Mugabe) leadership? Please, don’t forget history, Mugabe’s leadership did not come from nowhere, it was brought about by ancestral spirits. Apostolic sects have anointed him that is why he is still fit,” Shamu, who was suspended in the aftermath of the 2014 Zanu PF congress for allegedly aligning with deposed former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in an alleged plot to topple Mugabe, said.

He went on to recount how in July 1978 during the then Organisation of African Unity (now African Union) summit held in Sudan, Mugabe stole the limelight after he was chosen to speak on behalf of all liberation movements from Southern Africa, which included Namibia’s Swapo and Mozambique’s Frelimo, among others.

Shamu said the late Chanetsa, who was head of protocol then, had welcomed Mugabe at Khartoum Airport earlier, where he informed him of the onerous task that had been bestowed on him by the former liberation fighters.

Chanetsa, Shamu said, then advised Mugabe and the late former Mozambique President Samora Machel against going to their hotel rooms to freshen up but, instead, to proceed straight to the summit venue, where Mugabe reportedly gave a “memorable” speech in which he pleaded for arms in order to fight colonial regimes. Shamu described Chanetsa, as dependable, humble and disciplined.

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