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Seh Calaz to hire fiancée as manager


There are indications Zimdancehall star, Seh Calaz is planning to revamp his management team early this year, with his fiancée, Moira Knight, set to become his new manager.


Seh Calaz
Seh Calaz

A source revealed that Seh Calaz was changing his management, as a precursor to revamping his entire brand.

“I think he just wants to try something different because 2016 has been a difficult and tough year for him, so it would be in his best interests,” the source said.

“Besides, Moira is his fiancée, so it might be all about making a family brand.”

However, Seh Calaz’s publicist, King George Damson denied the speculation, saying Tawanda Sundao remained in charge of management.

“As you have rightly pointed out, these are rumours. There has been no change presently in as far as the management is concerned,” he said.

“That said, it’s a common cause that entities do change management for different reasons. Should it happen, the public will know.”

Damson said if Seh Calaz was to change his management, that change would solely be a business decision, with nothing personal.

“It will purely be a professional decision based on the direction the owner of the brand would feel it should take,” he said.

Sundao, the current manager, declined to comment on the issue when contacted, saying the whole story was insignificant.

“I am sorry to say this, but I do not talk directly to the Press. There is no big deal with this story and when he (Seh Calaz) has an official statement, he shall give it to you. As for me, I have nothing to say,” he said.

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