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Rising Afro-jazz artiste gets UK sponsorship


RISING Afro-jazz musician, Innocent “Inoman” Sibanda says patience and commitment to hone one’s skills are the keys to success if upcoming artistes are to make the grade in the cut-throat world of music.


The talented singer made the remarks in an interview with NewsDay following the release of his second album, Sadombo, which has attracted an undisclosed sponsorship package from a United Kingdom-based lawyer, Maraika Bomani.

An ecstatic Sibanda was optimistic that the sponsorship would help him to raise the bar in his quest to brand himself and take his music beyond borders.

Some of the songs on the eight-track album are: Anondirova, Ndinenge Rombe, Nherera, Murume Andiramba and the title track Sadombo.

“With all the effort I put on this album (Sadombo), I am confident that it will win the hearts of many Afro-jazz music fans,” he said.

“The message on this song is about a go-between who refuses to perform the traditional rites of paying a divorce token after the husband was seeking to divorce his spouse according to our traditional custom.”

Bomani, speaking from the UK, said although his desire is to always help vulnerable people, he was, however, impressed by the talent exhibited by the 32-year-old Sibanda on the album and decided to give a helping hand.

“I was impressed by the raw talent exhibited by this young man after a relative of his played his music to me. I am prepared to sponsor him, as I foresee a great future, but cannot divulge much because we are still negotiating on the best way to do that,” he said.

Sibanda made his entry into showbiz in 2015 after the release of his debut album Sarudzai, but the album failed to reach the heights he had expected, as it was consumed by the challenges faced by upcoming musicians such as piracy.

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