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What is your family’s character?


It is needless for me to keep explaining the eternal purposes of a family. It is the first community of people that God created and from it, He would fill the earth with humanity, created in His own image. All of us belong to a family and must belong to one.

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This is where we belong before anything else. Our families are our pride and I am sure every reasonable person on earth is proud of their family. However, we need to understand that our families are a product of our work. We work them out to become whatever they are. If you look at your family today, what would you say about it? Would you say you are pleased with it? I am not sure, but I believe you do. What do you want your family to be known for? What is the legacy of your family, I mean even your extended family?

There are many families who are known for their dysfunctionalities. They are known for drunkenness, prostitution, adultery, thuggery, stealing, gangsterism, idolatry, disunity, sibling rivalry, witchcraft, poverty and many more.
I am not sure if you want yours to be known for these things. Could this be the legacy you want for your own family. Have you not heard people in your community label such families and call them by what they do? What you do in life is very important. How you carry yourselves as a family is very important. The character of your family is what you should be working on. It becomes your legacy. You build the character by choices. I, however, know that many of us leave things to fate. Legacy is worked for. Character is worked for, so surely what is the character of your family? Most families in this generation need to come to a place where they make hard choices and decisions.
The character of the family these days is not pleasing and inspiring. The generality of the family in the world is marred by the things mentioned above. Corruption defines many families. Violence is the nature in many families. Disunity and outright hatred define many families. I am confident in that you do not want your family to be like that and to be known for that. I am, therefore, writing to inspire you.

Many of us have allowed political and economic situations to define our family, to devalue them and to nature them.
I think this is unfair. In this world, you can lose anything but your family. You see, we live in hard times. We are bringing up our children and raising up our families in perilous times. Everything seems against the family, the pure community of God. The anti-God agents have unleashed fiery swords of destruction against the family.

Things like passive fatherhood, drunkenness, violence, poverty, adultery, gayism and humanistic rights and many more, are a direct attack against the purpose and nature of your family. What would you do to preserve your family?


Be deliberate. Chose the family character you desire and work on it. What legacy do you want? What do you want your family to be known for? Let it be by choice and not accident.


Be committed to your family. This generation needs people like Noah in the Bible. He managed to have his entire family saved despite the challenges he faced. His commitment is exemplary and we ought to desire it.


I have said it so many times. It does not kill to repeat this. Have a family vision. It will help you navigate the storms of life. It will help you stay on course. You will not just be swayed in any direction if you have a vision.
See it in the spirit and then work it in the natural.

Who is your God?

How far your family goes depends on your God. It depends on which god builds your family. In times such as these, there is need to make hard choices. It is easy in times such as these to just follow the popular characters or things or theories. You do not want to be caught up there yourself. Make hard choices like Joshua in the Bible. He was faced with a similar situation like ours, where people were divided between two options, whether to follow God, the Creator or their own gods. He stood up and made a challenge based on a high quality decision. He and his household would worship the living God and everyone else had to make their own choices. In these last days, make your choice. It is either you are taking your family to God, who created the family or to the destroyer of the family and humanity. If you want a legacy and a good family character, I encourage you to choose God, the Almighty and only God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, what kind of a family are you raising in these last days? Decide the character. We can only wish you the best and we pray your family will remain standing under the current onslaught.

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