New steep mobile data tariffs come into effect

Conviction for any telephone offence attracts a fine or prison sentence of up to seven years.

The floor prices for voice and mobile data bundles proposed by Zimbabwean telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, which have been the subject of a lot of debate this past week have now been put into effect.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile network operator has been the first to make changes. It has adjusted its product lineup and unveiled a set of new tariffs for its bundles as well as the WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. As was anticipated the costs are pretty steep.

You can view the bundles by dialling *143# on Econet

With effect from the 11th of January 2017, the cheapest bundle of data ( 5 MB on a standard connection plus another 5 MB available on WiFi) now costs 50 cents.

$1 will get you 10 MB plus the bonus 10 MB on WiFi and the highest amount of data you can get (2.5 GB plus 2.5 GB bonus on WiFi) now costs $50.

Social Media bundles, that is the WhatsApp and Facebook bundles that have been the cheapest avenue for partial internet access have also gone up and from the looks of things are no longer pegged individually or as weekly or monthly offerings but are instead based on data usage.

The cheapest bundle is also set at 50 cents and it comes with 10 MB of data plus a 10 MB bonus. For $2.50 (which is close to what subscribers used to pay for month’s access) you’ll now get 80 MB plus an extra 80 MB on WiFi.

Regular Data Bundles
50 cents 5 MB 5 MB
$1 10 MB 10 MB
$3 50 MB 50 MB
$5 125 MB 125 MB
$10 300 MB 300 MB
$20 750 MB 750 MB
$35 1.5 GB 1.5 GB
$50 2.5 GB 2.5 GB

Story courtesy of TechZim


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shandisai mega isutotumira tsamba (snail mail) kana kurovangoma tiripamusoro pegomo,

  2. this is nonsense

  3. The gvnt is fighting at all cost to discourage use of whatsapp and facebook. Zvakaoma hazvo

  4. If these guys think subscribers will continue using the same amount of data at these prices, they are in for a rude awakening. Your customers will simply reduce their budget and data consumption….and that means reduced overall revenues from internet services. in the end, no one wins from this. except maybe ZOL and Telone. But i’m guessing another law is being drafted to screw those up as well. Who comes up with this stuff, seriously?

    1. Who comes up with this stuff, seriously? i like yo question!!!!!

  5. Handi Zvihwisisi

    Vanoziva economics dondivudzaiwo. Kana chingwa chaiita dolar nezuro kasi peturo shuga zvimwe zvose zvorega kuchinja price nhasi kobva kwahi chava 2 dolars zvorevei. Gore rapera taitenga mabundles edu zvakahonaka wani hapana kambani yakavhagwa iri mu bhizimusi remasaisai. Nhasi ma tarrifs onzi akwira zvakonzerwa nei. Handizvihwisisi ini. Zvoreva here kuti ma tarrifs aya akasachinja kudai makambani achavhagwa rino gore.

  6. Vana Stunner naOlinda makatogona mukanetsana zvinhu zvisat zvaipa taidownloader cey mhere yastunner kana hohoho yaOLI

  7. 8 Dec – Fin Minister Chinamasa introduces a Health Fund that will be funded through air time & data purchases tax.
    7 Jan – Potraz sets floor prices for Mobile operators – effectively increasing the unit rates!
    1+1=2 …simple arithmetic

    The poor will continue to suffer!

  8. #data must fall # Lets just boycott the purchase of the airtime. Hatishandisei maWifi ekubasa manheru tosiyana nazvo or subcribe for zol or powertel wifi. vakajaidzwa vanhu ava

  9. As long as Zanu barks in Zim ppl wil suffer.Ppl shldv known by now.Chinja iwe!

  10. Unfortunately Zimbos being as docile as they are will suffer in silence by either spending more or giving up on mobile data (whatsapp, etc.). The likes of ZOL et al are next in line. We deserve everything that we are getting as long as we don’t stand up to this rubbish.

    1. you are right the gooks will hook u soon to the dungeons.zimbabwe is their garden.tichati baba. takapata

  11. I Pay this much for my data

    Daily Bundles
    1-20 MB @ R3
    2-50 MB @ R7
    3-100 MB @13
    4-250 MB Nite @R6 (Use between 1 am and 7am
    5- 1GB Nite @ R15 Use between 1am and 7am

    1. kikiki
      thus nyce.
      thina siyawoswa lapha

    2. epajoni anga achidhura pane zvatanga tinazvo mwana wamai ikozvino mava nani kutidarika

  12. Thats nonsense from Econet. They are making a lot of profit from customers. No need to increase tariffs. That steep increase not acceptable

    1. its not an econet thing ba juju…it is potraz

  13. I’m in Nigeria on Glo network and for a 30 day plan with 10GB of data, i pay N2,500 (equivalent of about USD50). Daylight robbery in Zimbabwe

  14. This is now becoming unbecoming!

  15. But do Zimbabweans have a brain I wonder else they would just boycott these prices for a month.

  16. It can be archieved if we all unite…

  17. this is meant to train internet users to avoid social media abuse, okoku jika kwaphela nyakenye,kkkkk

  18. The ignorant and poor have no will power to stop being punished. People here in Africa still keep themselves dirt poor following white colonial Pagan holidays. January and most are broken from worshiping the same images that have oppressed our people for centuries. So this is easy for econet. They know the people will keep bending over and take it with no grease. And become use to it. As they have for all things the they suffer from.

  19. f@ck potraz. f@ck their mothers and fathers and goats too! f@ack them all thieving sons-of bitches!

  20. I dont think this is a good idea made by POTRAZ and its fellow partner in crime Econet.your date prizes sre way too high that are robbing people in the daylight.. plus handife ndikabvisa line r econet mufon mangu,kana sure im not the only one akufunga izvozvo.

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