Nera faces suit over violent demo


SEVERAL businesses based in Harare and individuals, who lost their properties during an anti-government demonstration organised by the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) in August last year, yesterday got a reprieve after the High Court ruled that they could sue for damages.


The businesses, represented by local pressure group, Citizens Against Violence and Anarchy Trust (Cavaat), had appeared before High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu seeking the greenlight to mount a class action against Nera for loss of property during the skirmishes.

Justice Tagu granted the order.

In terms of the law, class action cannot be instituted directly without seeking approval from the court.

In his founding affidavit, Cavaat member Elton Ziki said although Nera had a right to conduct a peaceful demonstration, it was also duty-bound in terms of the law to ensure peace during and after the procession.

“The respondent, as the convener, had a duty to ensure that the demonstration was peaceful. It was required to put in place adequate measures to ensure that there was no violence,” Ziki said, adding Nera had a duty to discourage its members from engaging in violent activities.

In terms of the order, Cavaat would be required to cause to be published a notice in the Government Gazette and The Herald newspaper, respectively, the draft notice of the class action.

“The applicant (Cavaat) shall cause the said notice to be read in Shona, Ndebele and English during prime time on all radio stations in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation television (channel) on five different dates,” read part of the court order.

“The applicant be and is, hereby, appointed to be the representative of the persons concerned in the class action.”


  1. This is a welcome development,Nera should compensate us for destroying our infrastructure and our businesses.Personally I suffered financial losses due to these stupid demonstrations.We appreciate the right of citizens to protest but if there is a criminal element it becomes a problem.We organised our million man march and not even a single building was damaged,learn from us.

  2. Uuum ! Its you who proved everyone with the opposite and correct ideas wrong, i always see disparity in terms of the right to demonstrations where police crushed demonstrators peacefully demonstrating. Lets wait for the time as it shall arrive and we will be in Canaan, you Pharaohs shall regret. Mwari anesu

  3. Million ye chii? Muchisapota kupondwa kwrvanhu ne hurumende? Million march yekjsapota chembere yazvikwegurira hayo. Muchaenda mese Ku Malawi

  4. NERA organised a very peaceful march which was disturbed by the ZRP when they started beating up the protesters indiscriminately even those that were just going about their business.So to say that this animal called Cavaat wants to sue NERA for causing the destruction of their property is being misguided and it really shows a desperate attempt by a hidden hand to sent warnings to those who might want to demonstrate for electoral reforms under the NERA.banner.The police were the ones who were supposed to escort the the protesters and to maintain order during the demonstration but they turned out to to be the provokers of peace.If there is anyone to be sued,it is ZRP not NERA.And also the possibility that the destruction of their property could have been done by people who were not part of the protesters and were just caught on crossfire is very high because it could have been their way of retaliation.This mafia government can come with all tricks in the book to silence the nation,but the fact of the matter is that people are fed up and they will never stop the winds of change blowing across the country.Change is certain whether they like it or not.Apa vari kungo delayer delayer zvavo vachimirira CHANGE.Ndini ndadaro!

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