Mushohwe lays into ‘puny’ Malema

Chris Mushowe

Zimbabwe yesterday predictably reacted angrily to South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader, Julius Malema’s call for President Robert Mugabe to step down, describing the former African National Congress youth leader as “an ignorant puny politician”.

By Staff Reporter

In a statement, Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Christopher Mushohwe said Malema’s statements were irritating, insulting and uncalled for.

“What made Malema’s statements irritatingly despicable, was an informing presumption that in spite of his threadbare prodigal political career, he visualised himself as important enough to comment and pass judgment on the leadership credentials and political career of so an iconic figure as President Robert Gabriel Mugabe,” he said in a statement laden with verbosity.

“His preposterous claim that his treacherous, pro-white, neo-colonial politics finds inspiration in the figure and politics of President Mugabe is a hard-to-suffer insult.”

The EFF leader, formerly a darling of Zanu PF, chided the party’s members for being cowards and failing to be honest with Mugabe that his time was up.

Malema said he was prepared for a strong response from the Zimbabwean ruling party and Mushohwe did not disappoint.

“This side of the Limpopo, Julius Malema shines as a loudmouthed Gucci revolutionary, who acquired the infamy of deserting and betraying politics of liberation, as espoused by the ANC,” Mushohwe said, adding no amount of “invoking the name of our leader and President will grant him even a patina of respectability”.

Incidentally, the term Gucci in the Zimbabwean context is often associated with First Lady Grace Mugabe, a nickname that arose from her reported penchant for shopping.

Mushohwe went on to describe Malema as political charlatan, “who seeks to make up for his inner political deficiencies by projecting himself as a trans-border, continental politician, who fancies himself big and cute enough to pass judgment on developments elsewhere on the continent”.

The Information minister was not quite done yet, describing Malema as an ignorant youth trying to “punch above his life-long weight”.

He said Malema’s EFF only survived on political patchwork with disguised, “resurgent apartheid political formations and, of course, childish histrionics in Parliament”.

Malema was bound to earn the wrath of Zanu PF and the Zimbabwean government after he challenged Mugabe’s continued stay in power, saying the veteran leader was a threat to Zimbabwe, Sadc and the African revolution project.


  1. Malema’s statement was simple, factual & true while Mushowe’s response is just a collection of ridiculous meaningless vocabulary which lm sure he himself doesn’t even understand what he was trying to say, it would have been better for him to keep quiet

    • spot on. Malema is smarter than this old Mushowe guy. These zanu people need Moyo at zimpapers if they are to stand a chance at defending themselves.

    • Zanu Pf surprises me. They do not want to be criticized. All they want is be boot licked. The retirement age for civil servants is 65yrs. Though there is no age limit on the president, it not out of order for one to advise a 90yr president to retire especially if the economy is as bad as it is. Mr Mushowe for doctorate holder you are an embarrassment. Malema did not demean the president. He identified with the president in his ideology to redistribute the land. Malema was voicing his opinion and yr reaction Mushowe is what i would call singing for your supper. For a man of your stature you must so ashamed of yourself.

  2. …. good job minister. This gy can even answer this question ” list 10 advantages of hiv.” But we understand you just doing your job no reason to fail. Otherwise you might be fired.

  3. Yes, the best Mushowe should have done it to shut up. Now he has vindicated Malema, the young man is standing tall right, he just dribbled and scored against an experienced revolutionary cadre, kkkkkk.

  4. Irritating- Maybe
    Insulting- Maybe
    Uncalled for- Defiantly not.Nice one Julius, for once you are making sense.
    Mushowe your days are numbered


  6. Well said Julius. The insult is on ZANU PF cowards …comrades not on the government or nation of Zimbabwe. Call a referendum and see how many Zimbos agree with Julius. The 3 million Zimbos resident in Muzanzi for instance are in full agreement with him.

  7. Mugabe’s subjects are obviously peeved by Julius. Its really terrible to hear the truth especially from a former friend. In Zanu PF the truth is taboo, too bad.

  8. Google ndichochitofu. Iya heya mongotaura chirungu chenhema mune madegree e 48% you are challenged inrerlectualy ndokusaka muchitaura chirungu chema dictionary chekuvhundutsira kwanzi pa Google muri dzakudzaku huruyadzo, gafa rapindira. Vana psychology musakanganwe mahelmet acho kana moinda kuno shoper mzansi nemari dzekuba mukaramba muchiindirira munotemerwa ma sanctions enyumoga asineyi nava Mugabe kana America

  9. Proverbially speaking, when dry bones are mentioned, the old are always uneasy. Musholwe’s counterattack thus was expected.

  10. Vakawanda vemuZANU pasi pemoyo yavo vanotodawo change sekutaura kwavaMalema as I kuti hazvitauriki. Unotongoimba song imwe cheteyo. ko zvakaipei kuti any VP or someone else apindewo panyanga

  11. Chokwadi chinorwdza kkkkkkk !! Vana Mushowe kwaakungotanda nyadzi nemavhoko asi mabatiswa chokwadi.YOU ARE ALL COWARDS!!!

  12. Mushohwe anofunga here or anofungirwa, and is mushohwe a zimbabwean or foreigner? dont hate munhu but to listen to what the person is saying haana kuti zanu ngaichibva but is saying tsvagai someone ari capable atungamirire, so zvoreva kuti zanu pf haina mamwe mafungire kana mugabe akanzi afuma akafa nhasi nxaaa

  13. Mushowe must just concentrate on being himself & leave advanced voco english to the likes of Johnso, Charamba & Mutsvangwa, he only succeeded in embarrassing the party further

  14. dzese imhata,mazigwara avanhu mazizanu.saka mugabe akafa tichagara tisina President zve kana ari iye oga anogona.imi kana musingagoni ee pliz ini ndinogona zvangu ndiripo.tese tingorinawo mchende aya.malema audza marema chokwadi badzi you cowards you think zim is mugabe and mugabe is zim mhata dzenyu munogumbura fani.

  15. Malema just called a spade a spade,he told the painful truth.The jappy Jaboons wanted Malema to say Mugabe is a Toddler?

  16. Lets the truth be said don’t get angry to Malema its true that ure’ very coward how can u let the old man doing everything for u while ure’ seated like kings, its now your time to work hard for him u must tell him to rest its not a crime, & you must continue with the legacy he brought for u.

  17. Christopher plz dont jus coment read well what Malema did wrong .all of u zanu pf u a cowards .maratidza kusava vanhu vanemusoro ma biz naMalema kumupindura dai maifunga maizvinyararira moratidza chikuru coz you wil never challenge the truth

  18. Mushohwe is only being reactionary,all zimbabweans are calling for President Mugabe to resign,Malema is also a supporter of Mugabe,but only concurs with the majority of zimbabweans on this point-retire the president.It is not Malema’s issue, he has heard it being discussed by Zimbabweans.But one point to Mushohwe is that Mugabe is not Zimbabwe,Malema has never bad mouthed our country,so is not the enemy of our country.The point he raised is popular among zimbabweans,&Mushohwe should feel awkward &ashamed over Malema & apologise .He is a great friend of our country over the limpopo.It is clear Mushohwe is not speaking for our country but for himself &clique of zanu pf fools.True they are cowards,how can they fail to tell such an old man to retire.In south africa they have told Thambo Mmbek openly to retire

  19. What else could Mushowe have said in response to Malema? Acknowledge that yes Zanu cadres are cowards who can’t stand up to Mugabe? That Dongo was right when she said they are Mugabe’s wives? He is singing for his supper, no choice really coz all eyes and ears are on his response to see if they will acknowledge Malema and his statement or deny it.
    As expected the response was void of substance, it didn’t tackle the issue that Malema raised, that Mugabe cannot handle a spade when planting a tree so how could he handle national issues. To respond with vitriol about the iconic status of Mugabe is ignoring the issues raised, namely…..why don’t you dump Mugabe and pick up the leadership baton and lead the country out of it’s quaqmire?

  20. Apart from attacking Malema in his (Malema’s) personal capacity the honourable minister has not actually responded to the pertinent issues Malema raised. It only confirms that Malema has a point after all.

  21. malema said it all ko mungamudii haasi mu zimba ka wamungazode kuvinga manheru kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. What on earth is this “African revolution”? Hunger, poverty unemployment. Whites are the ones who started the industries, schools, GEJOs instead of the back-breaking handhoes (BADZAs), toilets, potable water, hospitals, tarred roads, cars, highrise buildings, underwear, spectacles, watches, radios, television, computer, matches, electricity, shoes, bicycles, pens, books, cellphones etc etc. Without colonialism people in Africa would be living in the Stone Age hunting and gathering berries and fruit. What is this revolution? Give us a break.

  23. off point completely. I don’t know what to tell you but we always have a moment of silence in our prayers for all sorts

  24. Ndinomarker kuZimsec

    Mushoweni Cristopher (Zamu PF)…………. 22%
    Malema Julius (EFF) ……………………………. 94%

    After a rigged Lierald article

    Mushoweni Cristopher (Zamu PF)…………. 21%
    Malema Julius (EFF) ……………………………. 95%

    Useless verbocity that is now a Zamu PF tool to lure the electorate.

  25. its a labour crime 2 let someone over 90 be at any post whether advisory etc so @ Mushohwe i hv knwn u as a minister of rubbish talking u said nuthin at all Malema told u the truth nd u think atadza stereki u niggas its time u stop being gay by being wifed by an oldman who thnk fluency in english speaking is synonymous to wisdom

  26. John 12 v 42-43 NIV. .Malema haana kukanganisa wakuonesai. Haana kuvona yavona. Motya kurovana moga nefoshoro saka batanai mubvise foshoro chinyararire nekuti iyoyo foshoro yapera

  27. Kkkk better nekuti Malema wacho anogara ku S.A coz arimono aizoteverwa husiku nevakomana vaya vakatora Itayi Dzama

  28. Mushohwe… Malema is better than you in all aspects kkkk.. gara pasi udzikame… mune hutsinye let Gabriel rest at home he is a grandpa like malema said.. by the way hapana zvawataura apa.. malema was on point iwewe uri musango

  29. Guys Malema is saying the truth…I wonder if the Zanu Pf members have brain or shit in their heads…They worship Mugabe as if he is God. He is old let him go. Look at Mushohwe claiming himself as an intelligent and reasonable minister saying such nonsense thinking that its quality stuff. Stupid Mushohwe, full of shit and ignorance….shame on u. Are u refusing that Mugabe is 92 and too old to lead the country…thieves of ZanuPf

  30. The truth is all Zimbabweans are tired of Mugabe, and I wonder why Mushohwe is defending Mugabe and refusing to accept that he is old. Shame on you Minister Mushohwe, U are embarrassing yourself and your family. Malema is just doing what u cowards of Zanu Pf failed to do. Mugabe can’t be challenged is he God. He needs to be challenged and told right at his face that he is old. You are Mugabe’s wives all u old fools. A bunch of old fools who claim to know, but in actual sense they are thieves. You think that politics is just for mugabe, if someone emerges u start calling him a prodigal son. Even Mugabe himself said politics is for everyone when he was introducing Grace into high level politics. Shame on you fools of Zimbabwe. It really shows u don’t know anything Mushohwe. The country is dead and struggling in the hands of Mugabe, but u endorse him again for 2018 elections. U lick mugabe’s ass….shame on u mushohwe. u r such a fool.

  31. Zimbos, EVERYONE,INCLUDING MUSHOWE , is agreeable to what Malema said – that’s not news.The response actually confirms what Malema was on about – how else was a coward going to respond?

  32. “What made ————– statements irritatingly despicable, was an informing presumption that in spite of his threadbare prodigal political career ———-” – this speaks a lot more about whoever said it! Shooting a fly on the wall with a bazooka! We have serious matters to address, but then a whole so called Dr, Cabinet Minster finds time to say this to young Malema who was only expressing his view. For me, it seems Malema said what Zanu Pf clearly knows about abut is afraid to talk about!

  33. Nhai VaMushohwe munhu anofanirwa kuva ane influence yakadii kuti ataure mafungiro ake? And afterall akataura zvagara zvirimupfungwa dzemunhu wese muZimbabwe…nemiwo nechemumoyo ndizvo zvamunotaurawo…

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