Katsande clears air on international retirement

WARRIORS captain Willard Katsande is considering his future in international football following the team’s early exit at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals taking place in Gabon.


The Warriors finished bottom of Group B on Monday with just one point to show for their efforts and the players have been ridiculed by their demanding supporters.

Katsande told NewsDaySport that he is considering his future, but has not made a decision on whether he will continue or quit international football.

“I have read reports that I have quit international football, but somebody decided to put words into my mouth,” he said. “I still need to go back and sit down and have a debrief. I also need to consult a few people before I make any decision. What is important is to see how I can help the younger players grow into the national team and take over. I think we still need to rub on to the next group of players the experience that we have gained from this Afcon final.

“Zimbabwe needs to be a regular at these finals and we need to be a dominant force. With this in mind, I will have to consult on how I can help before I make any decision. Having played for the Warriors since 2009, I have gained a lot of experience. So when I decide to step down there needs to be some form of continuity.”

Katsande said the Afcon experience was a learning curve and the important thing was to take that knowledge into the next Afcon qualifiers.

“I think, here, we learnt a lot and it’s disappointing that the journey ended early. We would have wanted to go further, but we failed to manage the games in crucial periods. The focus now should be on how we go on to qualify for the next edition, which will be held in Cameroon. I think if we qualify, we will go there a better team.”

Zimbabwe lit up the tournament when they played a 2-2 draw against Algeria in their first group game in a match they ought to have won had it not been for costly mistakes.

There was a lot of interest in their second game against Senegal, but 15 minutes into it, it was over as a contest as the Lions of Teranga raced to a 2-0 lead which they protected to the end.

It could have been worse for the Warriors, but Senegal missed a glut of chances, while goalkeeper, Tatenda Mukuruva was outstanding.

The match against Tunisia was probably the most disappointing, as Zimbabwe fell 4-2 in a match they needed to win to qualify

The fans have been unforgiving in the aftermath, with some suggesting an overhaul of the whole team.

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  1. there is nothing to sit down and tink of, resign you just as useless

  2. Katsande should surely resign. He gave away free kicks in dangerous areas and didnt seem to know what he was doing.
    Also talks too much.

  3. Bt guys i think it seems too early for him to quit for the next Afcon finals give him one more chance so that he can help to groom some upcoming young players for the future, then eventually he will quit.

  4. Let us be realistic and fair in our judgement, what were we expecting from the worriors, how can you expect a pupil to do exceptionally well in exams when preparations were in tatters, non-existent. The Tunisians were in Europe for preparations, where were the Warriors, zifa village, you reap what you sow.

  5. It is really funny how can you blame Zimbabwe when star studded teams like Ivory Coast,Algeria and even hosts were booted out.Think twice Zimbabweans it is a learning process.Our time shall come.Go warriors go !!!!!!!

  6. Murape C. Murape

    I suspect @ taneta is Willard Katsande. Upon arrival from Gabon, these guys, the entire team and their coaches, must be detained at I Commando barracks for two weeks.The whole group of hopeless losers must be made to sing the National Anthem twice a day at 6am and 6pm and thereafter a 15km jogging session under the watchful eye of a no-nonsense military officer will do them a lot of good!

    1. @Murape C. Murape, I the offence is bringing the nation into disrepute, then you know better who should go to the barracks first! Zimbabwe is a failed nation, so the lads didn’t do anything untoward. What have we achieved as a nation? I think you’re also a perfect candidate for the punishment you have prescribed! You have let the country down by leaving a 93 year old in office..

  7. Peter Logic Amandelse

    Hapana hapana this is soccer,it was a must 8 countries where to be sent home
    Well done warriors 2019 you will make it.

  8. @peter yu r right,they played ,they did their best,they played wth the most feared teams in africa,welll done .

  9. oh shame. how many years do you need to learn this type of game? This is appalling really for a star assembled team like Zimbabwe to always try to treat them like baby team, no! no! No!. after all there was a lot of sing praising the team before it could show its capabilities and the coached is too much given what he is not even capable of doing resulting in him thinking his strategies are the best in African foot ball. l am really puzzled by the way this man since replacing Norman Mapeza he has been sing praised by some section of the football fraternity. Mapeza is by far the no nonsense coach who if given the chance can do better and can take us somewhere. Pasuwa taneta naye, how can he blow such chances while leading, to change formation when he was to maintain the one that earned him the goals to a sloppy defensive one oh no man. Please do something even the team itself which demanded more than their quality. PHILIP CHIYANGWA must start to do something not to just stick to Pasuwa for the sake of keeping the Dynamos former man. Disappointed fan.

  10. But Katsande should go

  11. ana murape hapana zvoziikanwa even people are to be detained for failing then iwewe you should be detained too…ukutotadza kufunga chaiko

  12. ana murape hapana zvoozikanwa, if people are to be detained for failing then iwewe you should be detained too…ukutotadza kufunga chaiko

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