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Huge defeat awaits Zanu PF


The violence which has rocked Bikita West ahead of tomorrow’s parliamentary by-election is enough proof that Zanu PF faces defeat in the coming 2018 polls.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

Zanu PF supporters at a rally
Zanu PF supporters at a rally

Civil society organisations like ZimRights, Heal Zimbabwe Trust and Zimbabwe Peace Project, which quickly condemned the violence, did the right thing. We cannot condone violence for whatever reason in this day and age.

Zanu PF is a political spent force. It’s relying on harassment, beatings and other barbaric tactics to wring votes.

That has to come to an end.

Even some Zanu PF members are plotting to vote for the opposition in 2018. They are saying enough is enough. They are tired of suffering and being lied to.

This suffering has to stop and the only chance to do so is in 2018. The masses neither eat fake promises nor do they eat violence.

Somehow Zanu PF stormtroopers must know that people will find a way to both weather this violence and vote for the opposition in large numbers.

A huge defeat awaits Zanu PF in 2018 come what may. Pro-democracy elements should start working on ways to stop political violence as we steadily head towards 2018.

The law must also take its course on perpetrators of violence. Continued selective application of the law is not good for our country.

People must never be beaten or killed for refusing to support Zanu PF. People must support and vote for political parties of their choice.

But all the same, people will stand in 2018. In fact, 2018 marks the beginning of the end for the fractured and hated Zanu PF.

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