Govt, workers in bonus deadlock

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

A CRUNCH meeting to discuss payment of 2016 bonuses for civil servants ended in a stalemate yesterday after the workers rejected three non-cash offers tabled by the financially-crippled government.


Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira
Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

NewsDay gathered that negotiations reached a deadlock after government offered residential stands to its employees in lieu of bonus, or alternatively pay 50% of the bonuses in cash and the balance in non-monetary incentives.

Workers’ union leaders, who attended the meeting, said Treasury indicated it could not raise the full amount citing a severe cash squeeze, which has resulted in staggered salary payments for most civil servants since last year.

The government was represented by Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya.

Addressing journalists in Harare soon after the meeting, Mupfumira said the parties had agreed to adjourn to February 20 to allow civil servants’ representatives time to consult with their constituents, but workers’ union leaders insisted that they had rejected the offer proposed by the government.

“We tabled three proposals, which they [workers] said they would want to take to their membership for consultations. We shall meet again on February 20 for a way forward,” Mupfumira said.

Although she did not reveal the proposals tabled to civil servants, NewsDay is informed that government had dangled residential stands in lieu of the 13th cheque.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general, Raymond Majongwe said the government was insincere on lack of resources, as most ministers and senior officials were living in luxury.

“This is madness, we will not accept that. While we might try to understand that things are hard, but if you look at government ministers and its [government] expenditure, you will see opulence, while we suffer. We should not deviate from tradition,” he said.

George Mushipe, of the Zimbabwe Rural Teachers’ Union, said, as civil servants, they would not accept anything else but money, as has been the norm.

But, Apex Council chairperson, Cecelia Alexander, said they would go back to their member for consultations on the offer made by their employer.

In 2015, Chinamasa proposed to shelve bonus payments, but the move was thwarted by President Robert Mugabe, who ordered him to “find the money without fail”.

Fast-forward to September 8, 2016, Chinamasa made a similar announcement in his mid-term fiscal review for the year and proposed to suspend annual bonuses for two years as part of measures to cut public expenditure.

Before the ink had dried, Information minister Christopher Mushohwe ruled him offside, saying the decision had not been approved by the government.


  1. Chombo, Obert Mpofu, Kasukuwere, Undenge & others have enough loot amongst themselves to pay bonuses for years, its time for these civil servants to wake up & bring the madness to an end instead of wasting time attending useless meetings to ‘negotiate’ bonus, its unheard of, what is that?


      The EFF reaffirms its position that President Mugabe’s occupancy of the position of president is not good for the radical African political program. He is the bastion of the reactionary phenomenon of “lead to the death” that has crippled the image and praxis of post-colonial Africa. President Mugabe is not only the contemporary engine of personality cult, but he is protected by a group of cowards around him who hypocritically defend him everyday, whilst harbouring ambitions to lead soon.

      We are unequivocal that revolutions ought to promote programs and not personalities. The continent needs heroes who will be able to stand firm on the objectives of the African revolution whilst allowing democratic practices and succession of leadership. His example is contradictory to this ideal since it directly or indirectly promotes the phenomenon of refusing to leave office until death.

      Before the ZANU-PF and its youth wing respond to the EFF about the charge that they are cowards; they should ask themselves a simple question – what is revolutionary about being led by a person in old age; who sleeps all the time in meetings, can no longer even hold a pen or write half a page? Failure to respond to this question signifies not that they are afraid of others, but of President Mugabe.

      When youth movement across the continent are fighting for change, questioning the transformation of liberation movements into old age homes and general gerontocracy. The ZANU-PF youth is instead defending and advancing an essentially anti-youth statuesque. This is because there is actually no youth in the ZANU-PF Youth; what you find are middle age men and women, half of which are suffering from a mid-life crises. They should be ashamed of themselves for holding the future from being born in Zimbabwe.

      We shall never tell lies as revolutionaries; all the anti-colonial struggle icons like Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere knew when it was enough and handed over the baton to others. The African revolution must always distance itself from all forms of personality cults; insistence that President Mugabe must lead to the grave is a sign that ZANU-PF is drowning in cowardice.

      Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi (EFF National Spokesperson)

  2. President promised bonuses not stands or other option. If they could raise money for birthday why is it now difficult to raise bonus. How much will that stand cost and it means for the next 10 years I will not be getting my bonus becoz of that stand.

    I already have stand and want to buy bricks and cement and giving another stand will make my life even more hard

    I want to pay school fees

    I want to buy food

    I want to repair my car

    I want to buy fertilizer

    I also want to fill up the potholes infront of my house so that i can access my house

    So giving me a stand will not help me in meeting my priority list.

  3. Whoever said all civil servants want stands and what makes the gvt believe workers will be happy getting stands. Stands just like any other property, one has to buy depending on whether that person considers it most important. To some residential stands stands are not important because most already have and are struggling to build. Some are more satisfied by their rural stands which they already have by birth and wants to build good houses there.
    Just give people their money and each will decide what to buy with his or her money.
    Talk of cutting gvt expenditure, its time we put a stop to annual ZANU PF conferences and 21st february movement…. unnecessary expenditure.

  4. 36 million for holidays in Singapore and to buy rings are available but yekubhadhara ma civil servants ayipo!!! ipayi vanhu mari dzavo

  5. Thats is bullshit.who told you that we are in dire need of stands.Be organised you zanu pf government.You are busy living a luxurious life ,looting ,stealing etc whilst your citizens are sufferring nxaaaa shit mhani.we are tired kumabasa kwacho tirikubirwa mari from that little we get totorerwazve so what are you expecting of our lives and families nxaaa kwanai

  6. This is a nonsense move which the gvt wana make how many cevil servants are the in Zimbabwe kkkkkk this is chaotic move ey those guys r crazy nyika yese in opera zveeeh aaaah shame on our gvt ailing to tell that they have failed

  7. This is drastic kkkk bonuses bng represented by stands kwaaaaah shameless on u thieves.Vakomana ngavataure chokwadi kuti vakonewa.

  8. Hezvo zveeeh hunty vakarwa Hondo ngavachirwa nehondo yeEconomy tione kuti maCdes chaiwo.Hazvishande izvi zvekuti takarwa Hondo Tsvangirai tinunure munhamo iyi hero USA rawakaunza rodzokera.

  9. lest vote out people who do not pay us bonuses come 2018 by 9am guys you will be out. the generalit of the people are eagerly waiting for the elections not to vote zanu pf but MTAND CHAMISA

  10. Which stands from a failed government???? dont hide with a finger tell them the real truth if you can not repair pot holes where will you get the money to develop stands????????

  11. This government has failed dismally and they must be sent packing come 2018.Lets encourage our kith and kin to register to vote pliz,thats the first step towards saving our country.

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