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Govt failure spawns bloody fights in gold sector


A YOUTH organisation has blamed bloody fights over gold claims in Inyathi, Bubi district, on the government’s failure to provide jobs.


Bubi district has been turned into a war zone, as illegal miners attack each other with stones, knives and machetes over gold claims.

The fight has also turned tribal, with villagers in the area accusing outsiders of descending in their area to grab the gold-rich claims.

A number of villagers have been left hospitilised, while several others are nursing injuries.

In a statement, the Education and Unemployed Youth Forum of Zimbabwe (Euyfz) director, Zenzo Nyoni, said the fights could have been avoided had government provided the promised 2,2 million jobs.

“The government of Zimbabwe is responsible for this chaos. It has failed to provide employment for its citizens. The brutality and assault is caused by hunger and desperation of earning a living.

“Where are the 2,2 million jobs we were promised? Our brothers are dying crossing the Limpopo River into South Africa, today young people are killing each other for mining activities,” he said in a statement.

Prior to the 2013 election, President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party promised to create 2,2 million jobs, but instead the country has continued to haemorrhage employment with millions now surviving on vending and other illegal means such as unregulated mining.

Nyoni also blamed the tribal wars over gold claims on the government’s failure to implement devolution, saying had the de-centralised system of governance been implemented, “outsiders would not be fighting locals over their riches”.

“The local community has got the right to their resources. Chapter 14 section 264(2d) of the Constitution allows communities to manage their own affairs and to further their development.

“It says local communities must benefit from resources in their own area. If implemented, the Inyathi community will be benefiting from their natural resources and outsiders will be respecting the former’s rights to their riches,” he said.

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